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How to Set a Metered Network in Windows 10

Worried about data saving features in Windows 10? Well, here is a simple way through which you can save data on a Windows 10 computer. The good news is that Windows 10 allows you to set some internet networks as metered. Here, in any case, is How to Set a Metered Network in Windows 10; […]

NetOne Internet Settings for Android Phones

If you have just purchased an Android Phone and are on the NetOne mobile network, chances are high that the first thing that you will want to do is setup your phone for internet connectivity. That is hardly surprising, considering that the whole point of getting a smartphone is, nowadays, to get connected to the […]

How to Disable Out of Bundle Browsing for Econet

Disabling out of bundle browsing can save you loads of money, as far as data usage is concerned. That’s because where bundles give you loads of megabytes in data, using your airtime to go online tends to be rather costly. That remains the case even now, when Portraz has mandated a reduction in out of […]

Are free VPNs Safe? VPN Safety Tips

VPNs were all the rage in Zimbabwe a while back following the decision by the government to shut down connectivity to a number of popular social networking sites on the back of deadly protests across the country. As a result of these restrictions, people began to use VPNs, which they installed on their mobile phones […]

How to change the WiFi Password on a TelOne ADSL router

I recently stumbled upon a situation where I needed to reset the password on my TelOne ADSL WiFi router. As a result, I decided to write this article. I had noticed, while trying to find a solution online, that the question has actually been asked tens of time. However, the answers that are out there […]

Econet Internet Settings for Android Mobile Phones

If you have recently purchased a new phone, you will, no doubt, be looking to get it connected to the internet. With WhatsApp and other social media platforms gaining traction in Zimbabwe over the past few years, getting your phone’s internet settings right is absolutely imperative. Most of the time, Econet will sent you the […]

Econet Adjusts Roaming and International Call Tariffs

Tariffs to reflect movements in RTGS Dollars vs USD interbank exchange rate Econet has just adjusted it’s roaming and international calling tariffs in line with the Monetary Policy Statement that was announced by RBZ Governor John Mangudya on 20 February 2019. The statement created a new currency, the RTGS Dollar, which is comprised of Bond […]

TelOne Introduces New Broadband Packages

TelOne Increases Data on its Broadband Packages If you are a TelOne customer, then here is something to smile about; the company recently boosted its broadband packages, making it one of the cheapest ways through which Zimbabweans can get connected to the internet. Those who have been following this blog will know that the company […]

How to Install Apps from Unknown Sources on Android

Android is great, in that you can pretty much find all the applications that you are looking for on the Play Store. However, occasionally, you may wish to install asp from unknown sources. This applies whatever the version of Android may be running on your phone; be it Android 8, Android 9 or Android 10. […]

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