TelOne’s ADSL: How good is it?

Is TelOne's ADSL good?

Having used TelOne’s ADSL for a few months, I feel qualified to pass judgement on its performance for the benefit of those who may be considering going down this path. To balance this write-up as much as possible, I have also solicited opinions from a few other people who use the TelOne ADSL offering. Would … Read more

Dropbox behaving like a virus

Dropbox ignoring Windows 10 Data Saving Settings

Dropbox ignoring Windows 10 Data Saving Settings I have been using Dropbox for a while, but today, I have to say I was forced to uninstall the program. Indeed, Dropbox is a program that I have previously waxed lyrical about, but today, it brought me to the end of the tether. See, Dropbox has one … Read more

How to Dial TelOne’s New Area Codes

how to dial TelOne's new area codes

Updated List of TelOne’s Area Codes TelOne introduced, on the 1st of July 2018, new dialing codes across Zimbabwe. This changed the way in which landline numbers are dialed. One of the things that we have noticed is that people have been having challenges using the new Telone area codes. The thing to note is … Read more

Econet Internet Settings for Android Mobile Phones

econet internet settings for Android

If you have recently purchased a new phone, you will, no doubt, be looking to get it connected to the internet. With WhatsApp and other social media platforms gaining traction in Zimbabwe over the past few years, getting your phone’s internet settings right is absolutely imperative. Most of the time, Econet will sent you the … Read more