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10 Tips to Help Reduce your COVID 19 Isolation Blues

COVID 19 has brought about stressful changes in the way that we interact as human beings. When it started, hopes were high that the disease was but a passing phase. However, it has now become apparent that COVID 19 is here to stay. So, how can you, as an individual, navigate around all the COVID […]

Celcom Airtime Transfer in Malaysia: How to do it

Are you looking to do a Celcom to Celcom airtime credit transfer? If yes, then this article shows you how it’s done. Celcom is, without doubt, one of the leading telecommunications companies in the whole of Malaysia. If you are one of the company’s pay as you go customers, you will be pleased to note […]

What are SERPs? Search Engine Result Pages Explained

What does SERPs Stand for? The term SERPs is one that you are likely to hear being bandied around a lot these days, particularly within the context of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Indeed, if you have been following this blog, you will have noticed that SERPs is an acronym that we have been using a […]

How to Extract an Image from a Word Document

Get an Image from a Word Document Extracting an image from a Microsoft Office Word document is something that, at one point or the other, you may find yourself needing to do. Perhaps one of the bloggers who you have hired through Upwork has just submitted  an article that has pictures in it. WordPress Removes […]

How to Print Screen on Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a “print screen” function that allows you to capture everything on your screen. Let’s assume, as an example, that you are working on something and you wish to capture the information as a photo. The good news is that you can take a photo of everything that’s on your screen without […]

8 Reasons why Amazon Associates is a good AdSense Alternative

About Amazon Associates You have probably landed on this page because Google’s AdSense either rejected your application to join or, for one reason or the other, you were unceremonious kicked out of the program. While it may seem as if the sky has fallen onto your head, and all the doors that you believed were […]

Reverse (mirror) Text Generator for Branded T Shirts

T shirt designs do not have creativity limitations. For a design option, you can use anything that looks different. Trends change regularly and T shirt manufacturers use the style alternatives which are in vogue. The option of having text in reverse form on t-shirts is quite innovative and recent. A lot of companies offer custom […]

How to Monetize your Website with VigLink

VigLink AdSense Alternative To those of our readers who are on the hunt for AdSense alternatives, all that we can say is that there are AdSense alternatives out there and then there is VigLink. [vwklhtmltables-tables id=28] One of the things that we all have to first take cognizant of is the fact that almost all […]

What is Artificial Intelligence and What does it do?

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence is something that you will hear talked about often in computer sciences. You will also hear about AI in Science Fiction books, of course. Here, you get robots and spaceships that think and talk like people. Indeed, most of the AI machines in Science Fiction are reputed to have minds […]

ZIMSEC’s “O” Results Checking System Hailed

Still to check your results? Here is the ZIMSEC link where you can register and view your Ordinary Level examination results; Zimbabweans have hailed ZIMSEC’s surprise decision to make available online results for the 2018 “O” level examinations. The system allows people to access their results by first registering on the ZIMSEC online results portal. […]

How to Install Joomla on Localhost using WampServer

If you are a Joomla fan, you will be pleased to know that you are not a dying breed. Joomla remains the second best CMS after WordPress. Millions of websites across the globe were made using the platform. Now, WordPress’s dominance sometimes makes it appear as if it enjoys an ultimate monopoly. However, that is […]

How to Read Google Analytics Data

What has Google Analytics been telling you? Google Analytics is, without doubt, one of the best web analytics tools that can be found out there. However, for most people the service remains mysterious and forbidding. Part of the challenge stems from the fact that you get so much information on your fingertips that the whole […]

Why you Won’t Ever Make it Rich Through Blogging

How SEO is killing beginner bloggers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) constitutes an eternal struggle for bloggers around the world. If you have ever hunted for ways through which you can boost the popularity of your website or blog, you will have come across tons of articles that tell you that the answer to your misery […]

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