Should you Choose Diesel or Petrol when Buying an Exjap?

The diesel vs petrol question has been around for quite some time. However, when it comes to exjaps, the question becomes even more pertinent. When buying a car from Japan via Be Forward or any of the other popular used Japanese car websites, one of the questions that you are likely to ask yourself is, […]

Should I buy a left hand drive used Japanese Car?

I was recently going through the diesel car stock list on Be Forward and came across a number of interesting cars. Diesel cars are, for reasons that I outline in this article, in great demand in Zimbabwe and other African countries. Indeed, so big is the demand that it can be difficult to find a […]

Checklist for Buying Ex-Japs over the Internet

There are a number of things that you need to take into consideration when buying a used Japanese vehicle over the internet. This is something on which we have previously dwelt in-depth on this platform. A car is a big investment, and can tie up your income for a number of years. It’s important, therefore […]

What is Meant by 3rd Party Insurance Cover?

Once you have purchased your ex-jap and have had it shipped to Zimbabwe, you will discover that you  need to pay insurance for your car every term. Indeed, all vehicles on Zimbabwe’s roads are mandated to have insurance cover. The most popular form of vehicle insurance cover for motorists in Zimbabwe is what is referred […]

Should you Hire a Clearing Agent when Importing an Exjap?

Is there need for a clearing agent when importing a used car to Zimbabwe from Japan? This, undoubtedly, is a question that you will be confronted with when it comes to importing a used Japanese car to Africa. Is it necessary for your to hire a clearing agent? Can you do the clearing on your […]

Motorcyclists vs Car Drivers: Why the hate?

Why do car drivers hate motorcyclists The love that is not lost between car drivers and motorcyclists is rather legendary. At least it is on YouTube. And, based on some of the things that you see happening on the open roads, most of the hatred is for good reason.Think I am exaggerating? Motorcyclists vs Car […]

Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements in Zimbabwe

Now that your car has arrived in Zimbabwe after the long journey from Japan, you may be wondering about the motor vehicle registration requirements that apply in Zimbabwe. If you are still wondering at what vehicle to buy, check out the stock that’s on Be Forward. You are guaranteed to get whatever it is that […]

Best Mileage on a Used Japanese Vehicle

Generally speaking, the lower a vehicle’s mileage, the better. You can check out some of the low priced cars that are available on Beforward, one of the top Japanese car exporters, by following the provided link. Now, when it comes to Africa, all things general become complicated, with the result that those that are looking […]

3 Advantages of having an Exjap Delivered to Harare

Harare Deliveries for Used Japanese Cars A number of delivery choices are available for those that are looking to buy used Japanese vehicles. This is something on which we have previously dwelt on this blog. We mentioned, then, that there is really no need for Zimbabweans to have their cars delivered to Dar El Salaam. […]

Should I Buy an Ex-Jap at Musina?

Buying a used Japanese Vehicle from Musina in South Africa Used Japanese cars, of course, come from Japan, and if you are in Zimbabwe or from any other African country for that matter, can be purchased online through BeForward. Indeed, most of the cars that are on the roads in several African nations were purchased […]

Best used Japanese Car for Africa: The Toyota Corolla

To say that used Japanese cars come in all shapes and sizes would be something of an understatement. Whatever the type of car that you are looking for, you can be guaranteed that there is a website out there that sells it. Now, a lot has been said about used Japanese cars on other continents. […]

How long does it take to ship a car from Japan to Zimbabwe?

One of the questions that you will ask yourself, when you embark on the journey to import that dream car of yours to Africa from Japan is; how long will it take for my car to arrive in my country? Let’s take Zimbabwe as an example. How long does it take for a car that […]

Are Lady Driven Vehicles Really that Good?

Are women better drivers than men? Okay, I know this article will put me in the cross-hairs for feminists around the world. Open a newspaper today and you will come across advertisements from people who claim to be selling “lady driven” vehicles. The question is, are lady driven cars really that good? Are women better […]

Best Place to Buy a Used Japanese Car

Used Japanese cars are all the rage in Zimbabwe and other African countries. That’s not really surprising, considering that they offer a real alternative for those that may otherwise never have realized the dream of owning a car due to the issue expense. So, what’s the best place to buy a used Japanese Car? Be […]

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