Major Types of Spark Plugs

major types of spark plugs

If you are in Africa, and you take your car to be serviced by one of those guys operating from under trees, you will be told that you will need to have the spark plugs on your vehicle changed as part of the process. Those people do not know what they are talking about! If … Read more

Are Lady Driven Vehicles Really that Good?

Are women better drivers than men

Are women better drivers than men? Okay, I know this article will put me in the cross-hairs for feminists around the world. Open a newspaper today and you will come across advertisements from people who claim to be selling “lady driven” vehicles. The question is, are lady driven cars really that good? Are women better … Read more

Best Port to Ship Your Used Japanese Car to Zimbabwe

Best Port to Ship Your Used Japanese Car

Should you decide to buy a used Japanese vehicle, as most people in Africa have been doing over the past decade, you will find that shipping will be one of you biggest concerns. For Zimbabweans, the question is, where should you ship you ex-jap? What’s the best port as far as shipping a used Japanese … Read more