You can still use your international Visa and MasterCard cards in Zimbabwe

use international VISA and MasterCard cards

A few days ago I developed a small situation where I really needed some money but none was forthcoming. You know how it is in Zimbabwe these days. The galling thing about my situation was that though I had exhausted everything in my local cards, I had a bit of money in my Payoneer MasterCard … Read more

What’s up with Zimbabwe’s financial systems?

Zimbabwe's financial systems

Zimbabwe’s financial systems appears to have become overwhelmed over the past few weeks, with transactions either getting lost or not being fully acknowledged. Not so long ago, CBZ customers were caught unawares when varying amounts were deducted from their accounts. What had happened was that CBZ decided to carry out system updates in one form … Read more

Zimbabwe’s currency craziness disadvantaging foreign VISA, MasterCard card holders

currency problems in zimbabwe

With the holiday season having come and gone, the only thing that’s left for most of us to do is to lick our financial wounds. There is something about Christmas that makes us forget that January comes next, with its array of school fees, bills and other commitments. January disease, as they cleverly call it, … Read more

Full List of Bank Short Codes for Zimbabwe

banking short codes for zimbabwe

The following is a full list of all the bank short codes for Zimbabwe. The short codes should be useful for those that wish to use USSD for various banking transactions. BANK​                               Short Code​s (dial) Agribank                              *277# BancABC                              *242# Barclays                               *229# CABS                                   *227#  CBZ                                     *230# Ecobank                              *245#    FBC                                        *220#  MBCA                                   *299# Meikles Mycash                  *212# … Read more

Nedbank Zimbabwe Disables DSTV Payments on Mobile Banking

DSTV payments on mobile banking

Nedbank, perhaps the only remaining financial institution that was still processing DSTV payments based on RTGS balances, has finally pulled the plug. The bank sent the following message to people a few days ago; Dear client, due to current forex shortages, we have temporarily disabled DSTV payments on mobile banking. We will communicate alternative options … Read more