Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements in Zimbabwe

Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements in Zimbabwe

Now that your car has arrived in Zimbabwe after the long journey from Japan, you may be wondering about the motor vehicle registration requirements that apply in Zimbabwe. If you are still wondering at what vehicle to buy, check out the stock that’s on Be Forward. You are guaranteed to get whatever it is that … Read more

Those Pesky Fuel Cards

solutions to the fuel shortages in Zimbabwe

Solutions to Fuel Crisis in Zimbabwe I have been trying to get petrol for my car over the past two days. One thing that I have discovered is that Service Stations in Zimbabwe are now mostly no longer serving anyone who is not a membership cardholder. I mean, I have my Nyaradzo Card, my PSMAS … Read more

Best Mileage on a Used Japanese Vehicle

best mileage on a used Japanese Vehicle

Generally speaking, the lower a vehicle’s mileage, the better. You can check out some of the low priced cars that are available on Beforward, one of the top Japanese car exporters, by following the provided link. Now, when it comes to Africa, all things general become complicated, with the result that those that are looking … Read more

Distance from Harare to Bulawayo

Distance from Harare to Bulawayo

The distance from Harare to Bulawayo is 441.7km. So, if you are looking to drive between these two places, you are going to have to account for this distance. Condition of Road Between Harare and Bulawayo The road between Harare and Bulawayo is one of the best in Zimbabwe. The road was rehabilitated a few … Read more

Harare to Nyanga Toll Gates

toll gates between Harare and Nyanga

If you are traveling to Nyanga, you may be wondering at the number of toll gates between Harare and Nyanga. Nyanga is a popular destination for foreign and local tourists, and you need to know the number and locations of ZINARA toll gates to be able to plan your journey properly. Here, in any case, … Read more