Major Types of Spark Plugs

major types of spark plugs

If you are in Africa, and you take your car to be serviced by one of those guys operating from under trees, you will be told that you will need to have the spark plugs on your vehicle changed as part of the process. Those people do not know what they are talking about! If … Read more

Are Lady Driven Vehicles Really that Good?

Are women better drivers than men

Are women better drivers than men? Okay, I know this article will put me in the cross-hairs for feminists around the world. Open a newspaper today and you will come across advertisements from people who claim to be selling “lady driven” vehicles. The question is, are lady driven cars really that good? Are women better … Read more

Current ZINARA Tollgate Fees 2022

ZINARA tollgate fees

The prevailing ZINARA tollgate fees have just been adjusted in May 2022! Please note that you can now pay at tollgates using foreign currency. That includes USDs, Rands and Pulas. That’s on top of the ZWL that has been in use all along. If you are looking to travel to some part of the country, … Read more

Everything about the Overdrive Button on a Toyota

what's the overdrive button in a car

I was reading the information that floating out there about the Overdrive button on most automatic transmission vehicles and it left me scratching your head. Have you ever encountered a situation where what somebody is saying is the exact opposite of what you know? That is what happened to me today. Apparently the internet does … Read more

ZINARA Vehicle License Fees January 2022

ZINARA Vehicle License Fees

Are you looking for the current ZINARA vehicle license fees schedule for 2022? If yes, then you should check out this article. Vehicle licensing fees Zimbabwe were last increased in November 2020. I have been to license my own vehicle and these are the fees that are obtaining now. So, you need to look for … Read more

How to Prevent Roadkill: Avoid Roadkill damage

how to avoid roadkill damage

Television wants you to believe that roadkill is something to be celebrated. There is always a show somewhere teaching you how to cook the animals that you accidentally kill while driving on the highway. However, the reality of the matter is that roadkill can be dangerous. When your vehicle collides head-on with a deer, as … Read more