How to Show the Percentage Read in a Book on a Kindle Paperwhite;

show percentage read on a kindle Paperwhite

As an avid Kindle Paperwhite user, one of the useful tools that I have gotten to rely on on my screen is the percentage read option. As a result, I always have the percentage  read displayed to the bottom right of my screen. I sometimes, however, encounter an issue where the show percentage read on … Read more

Amazon Associates Introduces OneLink

Amazon Associates OneLink introduces onTag, which allows affiliates to monetize international traffic

Link your Amazon Associates U.K, Canada and United States Accounts One of the complaints that you will hear with regards to Amazon’s Associates program, is the fact that although it is one of the largest affiliate programs that can be found out there, you actually need separate accounts for different countries. Thus, if you wish … Read more

Why buying a Kindle Paperwhite with ads is not that bad

Should I buy the Kindle Paperwhite with Ads

Amazon’s all new Kindle Paperwhite is here, and you can purchase yours by clicking on the link below. Also referred to as the “Kindle Paperwhite 4,” the 2018 edition of this amazing e-ink reader is waterproof and has a number of additional features. Anyway, one of the things that you will notice when buying the … Read more

Top Kitchen Appliances List with Pictures

Kitchen Appliances List with Pictures

Here is a comprehensive list of appliances that should be in every modern kitchen. This list of kitchen appliances comes with pictures, which should give you a good idea of what we are talking about. We have previously written an article in which we talk about some of the must have appliances for the modern … Read more

Best Selling WiFi Router on Amazon

The NETGEAR is the best selling WiFi Router on Amazon

The importance of having a reliable WiFi router in your home or office can never be overemphasized. If you have ever had a router that performs below par; or one that suddenly dies on you; then you will know what we are talking about here. The fact that routers are important components in humanity’s ability … Read more