Should I Buy a 4K Monitor for my PC?

4K monitor

The technology around us continues to change at an incredible pace, making it virtually impossible for anyone to keep up. In the world of resolutions, it’s not that long ago that we were drooling over 720p. Then came full HD at 1080p. Now the whole world appears to be going crazy about 4k resolutions. If … Read more

How to Stop Amazon from Collecting Personal Data on a Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite privacy options

One of the things that you may not be aware of is the fact that Amazon collects personal data from your Kindle Paperwhite as you use it. This data is then used to bring you ads and suggestions about relevant content. This article shows you the available Kindle Paperwhite privacy options. So, how do you … Read more

eBay vs Amazon vs Aliexpress

best online retailer

When it comes to making online purchases, eBay, Amazon and AliExpress are some of the biggest names that can be found out there. So, which of these platforms is the best place on which you can buy various goods and services over the internet? This article, it has to be said, is based on my … Read more

Best Case for the Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon

here is the best case for the Kindle Paperwhite

If you have recently purchased a new Kindle Paperwhite, you will probably be on the hunt for a good cover for the device. Amazon recently released the latest version of the Paperwhite; the 2018 version, which comes with waterproofing, a screen that’s flash with the bezel, 8GB of storage and Bluetooth to enable you to … Read more