Does Boosting a Facebook Post Work?

Does boosting a Facebook post work?

The not so great Facebook Post Boosting Experiment Okay, I have to say right off the bat that this experiment was a spur of the moment event. And the results that I got are, rather dismal. I also made a couple of rather elementary mistakes as you will discover in the rest of this article. … Read more

How Artificial Intelligence has Changed Digital Marketing

artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing If latest magazines and research papers are to be believed, Artificial Intelligence is going to be the next big thing after the internet. We saw the power and scope of the internet. Now is the time of the Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence applications have revolutionized many areas that affect our … Read more

How to run a Good Ads Campaign

How to run a Good AdWords campaign

AdWords Tips and Tricks Google AdWords is, without doubt, one of the best online advertising services that you will be able to find out there. That is hardly surprising, considering the kind of grip that Google has on Search. The company controls about 65% of the Search Market, making it the go to place for … Read more

How do I view my Google Publisher ID?

How to view your Google AdSense publisher ID

If you have monetized your website using Google AdSense, you may, at some point, wish to view your Google AdSense Publisher ID. Doing so is simple, so this article is rather short. To view your Google AdSense Publisher ID, all that you need to do is the following; Sign into your Google AdSense Account. Click … Read more

Five Email Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore this year

five email marketing trends for the year

For all types of businesses, email marketing can never be considered outdated. Instead new Email marketing trends have been emerging every year,  which makes it easy and affordable for you to implement this tried and tested marketing strategy. Email marketing is useful for the brands that wish to reach out to potential customers in order … Read more

Google AdWords Rebrands to Google Ads

Google AdWords rebrands to Google Ads

Google has just announced that its online advertising service, Google AdWords, will soon be rebranding to Google Ads. The changes are scheduled to come into effect on 24 July 2018. If you are wondering what’s going to change, then you are not alone. As Google AdWords rebrands to Google Ads, you can expect the following … Read more

5 Instagram Marketing Campaign Tips for the current year

Instagram Marketing

The growth in Social Media has seen companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter revolutionize the way in which people around the world interact. This revolution has opened up vast opportunities to those in the Digital Marketing field. With so many people meeting on the fast moving arena that is Social Media, reaching out to … Read more