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Guest Post Submission Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the submission and posting of Guest Posts on the blog Network Bees. They are in addition to, and subject to the Terms and Conditions that govern this entire blog. Guest Posts shall be submitted to the Network Bees website under the following terms;

  1. At Network Bees, we fully understand the value of Guest Posting in Search Engine Optimization. We, therefore, expect all free guest posts to be of the highest quality. Any article that is below par will not be published on this blog. Guest posting is, as already mentioned, free, and we are not going to spend hours editing work that is below par.
  2. Writers will be given credit for authoring their articles. This will be in the form of either a byline or an authorship credit at the beginning of the post.
  3. Any post that is published on the Network Bees website becomes the property of Network Bees and shall, therefore, not be published anywhere else on the World Wide Web.
  4. Any revenue that is generated from the articles that you submit shall wholly be the property of Network Bees.
  5. No article that has previously been published anywhere else shall be republished on this blog. Should you attempt to do so, your Guest Posting privileges will immediately be revoked.
  6. All articles that are submitted to this blog shall be original and should, in no way, be copies of work that is found anywhere else on the web.
  7. Guest Posts are allowed to have ONLY ONE backlink that points back to the author’s website. If you submit an article that has more than one backlink, the rest will be removed.
  8. Our aim is to encourage new bloggers to thrive in the competitive world of blogging. We, therefore, have policies that are a lot more liberal than what you will find anywhere out there. Having said that, all the tenets of common decency and good sense should be applied when submitting articles to our blog.
  9. This is a family blog. Although we are pretty open about language, you may not present work that is overtly vulgar or can be deemed to be offensive to other bloggers, communities, ethnicity, countries, sexual orientation and religion.
  10. Regular guest posters can ask to have guest posting accounts created on their behalf to make it possible for them to publish articles directly on this blog.

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