Straight Talk APN Settings

Are you struggling to configure your Straight Talk APN settings? If yes, then this is the article you need in order to find your way around the configuration process. Straight Talk is considered a mobile virtual network operator. This means that it has no ownership of any wireless network but it buys rights to utilize towers from other networks i.e Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile amongst others. Another important aspect to take note of when configuring internet settings is the formatting presented in the APN texts. Where there is capitalization or the use of commas one should follow suit when entering the information. Failure to adhere to the presented format will result in your internet settings not working as expected. APN settings come in two formats; one for Straight Talk AT & T service and the other for Straight Talk T Mobile. This article will present settings for both these providers.

The Formats for Straight Talk APN Settings

The following are the Straight Talk APN settings for AT&T and T-Mobile;

Settings for AT & T service provider

Namestraight talk
MMS port80

Settings for T- Mobile Service

Namestraight talk

How to Configure Straight Talk APN Settings on Android and Apple iOS devices

The following is how to configure Straight Talk internet settings on Android devices;

If you are using an Android mobile device, Straight Talk internet settings can be configured in the following ways;

  • Go to Settings
  • Access Mobile Networks
  • Click on Access Point Names
  • Click on Menu.
  • Add your APN. If you need more information on this, you can view this video.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, the following is how to configure Straight Talk internet settings on your device;

  • Go to Setup
  • Click on General
  • Open Access Network
  • Click on Mobile Data and set your APN

If its a used phone, delete your old APN settings

Before you enter the presented Straight Talk internet settings, you should see to it that the preexisting settings in your phone have been deleted. After deleting the old settings you should reboot the mobile device. Following the reboot, you then access APN settings menu and enter the Straight Talk settings which align with your service provider as presented by the tables above.  After entering the settings you reboot your phone again.

The Importance of Straight Talk APN settings

The significance of seeking internet settings and adequately entering them on your mobile device is that they possess data that is required for internet connection. If you are looking for APN settings, there is a high probability that your mobile device is unable to connect to the internet. After entering the Straight Talk APN settings that are in correspondence with your service provider you should be able to exchange MMS with your contacts and browse the internet.


These are the Straight Talk internet settings. As aforementioned, it is important to enter the settings in the format they are presented in. Should there be capitalization or the use of commas one should enter the information as presented. It is also crucial to take note of whether the settings entered correspond with the service provider that you are using.

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