Fed up with Windows Updates? Here is how to temporarily disable them!

First of all, this is an article that we do not want to write. Why? Well, because Windows updates are an essential part of the process of keeping your computer healthy. Disabling them opens up your computer to hacking, malware and other nefarious activities from cyber criminals. So, it’s quite unwise for anyone to disable updates on a computer. However, since you are here, you have probably made up your mind and nothing that we say is going to dissuade you (sorry for calling you unwise). So, how do you stop updates on a Windows 10 computer?

stop updates on a Windows 10 computer

How to disable Windows Updates on a Windows 10 Computer

To disable Windows Updates on a Windows 10 computer, all that you need to do is the following;

  • Open Run on your computer by pressing and holding the Windows key while also pressing the R key.
  • Type msc
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Find and double click on Windows Update in the list that appears.
  • Choose Disable under Startup type.

This is not a permanent solution.

In Windows 10, one of the things that you will notice is that this method of disabling Windows updates is not permanent. What happens is that after a few restarts, Windows will revert to the default settings and will begin automatically looking for and downloading updates onto your computer again.

Set your internet connection as metered

Another thing that you can do to stop updates on a Windows 10 computer is to set your connection as metered. Feel free to refer to the article in the provided link for more on how you go about doing it. What then happens is that whenever you are on the metered connection, no updates will be downloaded onto your computer.

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