Social Commerce – A Novelty in Marketing

How social media is affecting the world of marketing

Social networks have, over the past few years, become the leading marketing space and are being used not only by small businesses but also by big enterprises. Part of their attraction is the fact that they are some of the most cost-efficient methods that can be used to increase a brand’s recognition. We have previously written articles in which we talked about Facebook and Instagram marketing, which are avenues that you can use to grow your business. This article talks about social commerce and how it is taking the world by storm.

Big brands have joined the bandwagon

Brands such as Walmart, eBay and Nike are examples of big companies that have joined the bandwagon by actively promoting their products on social media. There are a number of strategies that they use in this regard, including through the offering of coupons, limited deals and other promotions.

How Social Commerce Works

Social commerce influences the consumers’ behavior by using strategies that redefine one’s thinking. Both the companies, consciously, and the consumers, unconsciously, are involved in creating a “picture” about a certain product that is being advertised on social media.

The everyday content we create on social media by exchanging experiences with the people we communicate with and what the marketers share on their pages or profiles is the starting point for engagement in buying or selling a product. We can summarize by saying that both parties are involved in creating and improving a service or product that is shared on the broad advertisement platform that social media has become.

The case of eBay

Let’s take eBay as an example. It was one of the first brands to invest in social commerce. Being home to more than 25 million sellers, it uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram to popularize various products.

people endorse products and services through likes and shares on social media

This is where the word of mouth advertising comes into play. It is an unpaid form of promotion in which customers rate products through everyday communication with their peers. Whether it is through liking, sharing, or sending links in a private conversation, it is one of the most credible forms of advertising.

Social Media can be a double edged sword

However, there are disadvantages of the word of mouth phenomenon. A good example of this is when you start getting negative feedback from customers.

Furthermore, an important part of social commerce are the reviews. Companies can gain a good reputation through them and almost every company that sells online has a review section which gives consumers an opportunity to rate and comment on the products that they have purchased.

Social Media Reviews

Online Reviews, including those that appear on social media, have become a standard part of buying because quite often the consumer uses this when making a purchasing decision. Companies use them to build trust. Positive reviews will attract other customers and make them more comfortable that they are purchasing what they were looking for.

Overall, we can all acknowledge the fast changing times and the switch from traditional to technological trends which are being introduced in commerce. In order to be up to date, companies need social commerce to keep in touch with the digital technology that has permeated almost every aspect of today’s society.

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Written by Karthik Reddy 

Community Manager at Webmaster Jury.

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