Should I Update to Windows 10 Version 1803?

Okay, this is a question that we have been receiving from some of our readers with regard to the Windows 10 Version 1803 update. As they say; to update or not to update, that is the question (well, nobody ever says that, but bear with me). So, should you update to Windows 10 Version 1803?

Is Windows 10 Version 1803 a Major Update?

If you are wondering whether or not the move to version 1803 is a major Windows Update, then the answer is yes! Windows 10, version 1803 actually feels a lot like Windows 11, save for the fact that we have all be had by Microsoft. The company, in my view, took note of the fact that people’s interest in new Operation Systems rises and falls, with the result that there are alternative cycles of success and failure.

Just think of the move from Windows XP to Windows Vista and then from there to Windows 7. After Windows 7, Windows 8 was not well received. Then came the successful Windows 10. My feeling is that had Windows moved to Windows 11 instead of remaining at Windows 10 version 1803, blogs would already have been created that are dedicated to hatred for the OS.

As it is, we are forced to continue loving Windows 10, even as it changes. But, are these changes worth taking the time to made an upgrade? Should I Update to Windows 10 Version 1803?

You most do not have a choice

The thing is, Operation Systems are not a Democracy. So, users do not actually have a choice when it comes to upgrading. Okay, you do have a choice, but there are a number of factors directing you in this regard. You may like what you have now, but a number of concerns, include those that have to do with security, are usually enough to drive you right into the hands of the new offering.

Windows 10 Version 1803 Issues

Having said that, we do have to say that Windows 10 version 1803 has its issues. These were outlined in one of our most popular articles. Needless to say here that these issues include problems with making the upgrade itself, an inability to change brightness on some machines and Windows getting stuck when rebooting.

Should I Update to Windows 10 Version 1803?

In spite of these challenges, we strongly recommend that our readers make the upgrade to Windows 10 version 1803. For whats its worth, you get the latest in terms of, as we have already noted, security. There is also the fact that you get new features, though, for the love of everything, these are still lost on us.

2 thoughts on “Should I Update to Windows 10 Version 1803?”

  1. If it was not for most software being built for Windows, I would be running Linux. I have had to reinstall Win 10 eight different times in the past 2 months. For some reason, after updating in august, Windows would not boot up. It would start to boot, enter disk repair, say disk repair could not fix the problem and take me to the blue screen with different boot and repair options; none of which worked. This would happen on all re-installs once I got so far into the updates. It did not matter weather I installed any programs or not. This last time I bought Advanced System Repair Pro (ASRP). I run it before and after each update. I have not loaded anything but the drivers and Norton’s 360, which ASRP did not find anything wrong with these, Once I got so far into the updates, ASRP found 4 instances of malware, which showed up right after a Windows 10 update. the first instance was in the batch of updates from Aug 2018. I finely got past those updates that were causing the crashes. Onto the Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803. Fingers crossed.

    1. Agreed. The updates can be problematic. Windows has actually had to pull the Windows 10 October 2018 update because of some issues. In most instances, the major cause of the problems is that there are so many types of hardware that it can be difficult for Windows to come up with software that runs properly.

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