9 Compelling Reasons for Selling your Website

The decision to sell your website is probably one that you are never going to make easily. If you are like the majority of bloggers out there, you have probably spent years working on your creation. Along the way, you have had sleepless nights and countless headaches. Now that you have gotten your site right where you want it to be, why would you even think about selling it? Perhaps you have even begun generating a meaningful income using your website? Why then would you want to get rid of your baby? Here are 9 reasons for selling your website;

  1. You urgently need the money

you may have to sell your website if you are broke and in need of money

The first reason why you would sell your website  is probably the same reason why people out there sell their clothes, their cars and their furniture on eBay. You simply need the money. Perhaps unexpected obligations have cropped up and you are left with no option but to look for cash.

Or perhaps, you are one of those government workers who sometimes go unpaid because of political bickering by well paid politicians in Washington.

Whatever the reason, if you are in need of money, your website will probably be one of the things that you will think about selling. However, you are not going to be able to sell any website. The key here is that you need to have a site that’s mature enough to attract the kind of money that could tide you over.

  1. You need a break

Taking care of a website tends to be an involved process. Stay at a long enough time, and you will soon begin to feel like you have come to your wit’s end.

A simple solution to this would be to hire the services of other people as your site grows. However, that is going to depend on the ability of the website to sustain itself in terms of income generation.

If, in any case, you feel that you need to take a break from blogging, you may wish to sell your website. There are websites out there that have been sold for eye watering amounts of money.

Depending on how developed yours is and how much money it is able to generate on a monthly basis, selling may actually sent you straight into retirement. There is, in this regard, nothing that’s beats a life spend on beaches around the world, with the security of knowing that there are millions tucked away in the bank somewhere.

  1. Your site has reached it’s peak

You may have realized that your website has reached it’s peak in terms of value. If that is the case, there is no better time for you to sell than now. Waiting will only mean that your site will begin to lose value, after which you will not be able to sell it for the amounts that you would have gotten today.

To be frank, this is a scenario that is difficult to contemplate, largely because, with a little more effort, there is always room for growth. Perhaps you no longer wish to put in the kind of effort that is needed to continue growing, in which case you should sell now.

  1. Your business needs an infusion of new ideas

Another reason why it may be time for you to sell your website is if you feel you have reached the peak as far as your possible contribution to the business is concerned. Even the best of us can only go so far, and sometimes it may actually be better to simply let go, for the sake of the business as a whole.

  1. Your interests have moved elsewhere

This is another reason why you may wish to sell your website. Perhaps, in the beginning you were driven by a passion to change the world by providing a self help website for others. However, now life has drained you of all of your illusions and you have decided to take your interests elsewhere.

It could even be that you are simply no longer interested in the topic that is covered by your blog, but have not given up on blogging altogether. If that is the case, you would want to sell your current website and start a new one that better stokes your inner perceptions of yourself.

  1. You no longer have the time to concentrate on your website

Perhaps you created your website while you were still in college, but have now moved on and have found a job. If that is the case, you may feel that it is now time for you to sell your site.

Depending on how well you have worked on your site, you could even generate a sizeable amount of money to help you clear some of those debilitating student debts.

  1. You and your partners no longer see eye to eye

you may sell your website if you no longer care for your partners

There is nothing that sucks more than spending your entire life working with people with whom you do not get along. If your site was co-created, you may consider selling once you begin failing to get along.

Let’s face it, we all grow, and sometimes we even grow obnoxious. If that is the case between you and your partners, there is really no need for you to continue making each other miserable by perpetuating an unworkable relationship.

  1. You have suddenly spouted a moral compass

Lets assume that at some point along the way, your website evolved into a cauldron of erotica. That, after all, is where the money really is.

You were happy with its popularity all along, till you suddenly found salvation. Now, the money that you are making through your site is something about which you are embarrassed. Lets face it, you would never tell your fellow church goings that you make a living through porn. That would be liable to get you excommunicated.

If that is the case, it may be better for your to sell your website and move to other, morally upright ventures.

  1. Your health has deteriorated

Finally, you may wish to sell your website for the sake of your health. As already noted, running a website is not for the fainthearted, and if you find that your heart, or other aspects on your body, have begun to give you issues, it may be time to throw in the towel and move to lighter, less disheartening work.

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