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This, we have to admit, is an article with a difference. Unlike most of the product reviews that can be found out there, this review is based on first hand information. If you are looking for SEO Analysis software, then you need to read this RankTrackr Review. We, at Network Bees, have been using RankTrackr for a while and we can safely say that this is one of the best tools of its kind that can be found anywhere in the world.

Importance of Monitoring Search Engine Performance

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SEO Analysis is one of those important Search Engine Optimization activities that, unfortunately, most people neglect to take care of. However, at Network Bees, we believe that monitoring your web pages’ SEO performance is the only way through which you can keep sight of your goals and take the steps that are needed to improve your rankings.

RankTrackr is the best software for SEO Analysis

Network Bees has, over the past few months, reviewed a number of the hundreds of the SEO analysis tools that can be found across the internet. While many of them can actually get the job done, not many get close to RankTrackr in terms of accuracy, speed and simplicity. In fact, so confident are we in its ability to more than do the job that we highly recommend RankTrackr to our readers. 

RankTrackr’s SEO Analysis Features

So, what does RankTrackr have to offer that sets it apart from the competition? What makes it different from all the other SEO analysis software? You can expect, when you purchase this software, to get the following;

  • High Accuracy
  • Local Tracking
  • Search Volume
  • Client Reports
  • Historical Overview
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Report Scheduling
  • Email Reports
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Customization
  • Competitor Analysis
  • White Label Support
  • User Management
  • Powerful API
  1. High Accuracy

The importance, in Search Engine Optimization, of choosing SEO analysis software that is both detailed and accurate can never be overemphasized. At Network Bees, we are always receiving complaints from some of our readers, about the accuracy of their chosen SEO Analysis software. This can, understandably, be extremely frustrating. What nobody wants to do is spend hours working on a strategy that is doomed to fail even before it has started; for the simple reason that it is based in incorrect data.

  1. Whitelabel Reporting

Whitelabel reporting allows you to run your own SEO agency using RankTrackr’s software. How is this possible?  All that you need to do in order to start servicing your own clients is sign up for the service and you will be allowed to upload your own logos and other symbols that represent your brand. From there, it’s only a matter of stripping everything that has to do with RankTrackr from the reports that are then sent directly to your clients. The best thing about all this is that your clients will never know that the high quality reports that they have been receiving are coming from somewhere else. 

  1. Local Rank Tracking
Track Local Rankings with RankTrackr
RankTrackr Review: Track Local Rankings

The ability to gather and present results at the local level is another of the considerations that you should have in mind when hunting for SEO Analysis software. Search engines results are not, as most people imagine, homogenous across the globe. In fact, some of the following factors affect the results that you are going to get for every query that you make;

  • Location
  • Device (mobile and desktop)
  • Browser
  • Operation System
Extreme localization

The SEO software that you choose should, therefore, come with the ability to give you results at the local level. RankTrackr excels in this regard. Where most of the major SEO tools that are out there only come with the ability to localize results to the country level, RankTrackr goes further; allowing you to filter results to the following levels;

  • By county
  • By region
  • By city
  • By zip code
  1. Competitor Analysis

Competitor Tracking with RankTrackr

RankTrackr’s SEO Analysis software also comes with the ability to identify who your competitors are for your chosen keywords at both local and global scales. The importance of having this information can never be overemphasized. SEO is all about keeping tabs on one’s competitors, while trying to outdo them in search results, which makes having the ability to gather information on their optimization strategies of paramount importance. Once you have tracked down your competitors, it becomes easy for you to come up with the strategies that you need to take in order to get ranked better than they are.

  1. Search Volume

RankTrackr allows you to get important statistical and AdWords data, which is another of the reasons why we, at Network Bees, highly recommend this tool. This is crucial, since it gives you an insight into the Search Volumes and Cost per Click (CPC) for any of your chosen keywords. The CPC gives you an insight into exactly what advertisers are paying for your chosen keywords, which can help narrow your focus onto the most competitive search terms. Having this information allows you to better target your keywords, thus helping improve your SEO campaign.

  1. Reporting

With RankTrackr, you don’t have to worry about reporting formats, since the tool allows you to easily export all your data in PDF and CSV formats. This way you know that your own clients will only be receiving the highest quality reports, thus helping cement your reputation.

  1. Report Scheduling

You can schedule, when using RankTrackr’s SEO analysis tools, for reports to be sent either to you or to any one of your clients at specific times.

  1. Email Reports

RankTrackr also comes with email reporting, on a schedule of your choice. This can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  1. Historical Overview

At Network Bees, we believe that the ability to make an historical analysis of all your data points is one that you should be on the lookout for when on the hunt for SEO performance monitoring software. SEO analysis is all about finding out where movements occurred in your ranking, in one way or the other, and determining what the causes of these movements were.

If the movement in your rank was in a positive direction, you should then be able to repeat the actions that led to the improvement in your rank. RankTrackr allows you to make this kind of SEO analysis, through its historical overview feature. This gives you historical rankings on a graph and allows you to revisit SERP Results.

RankTrackr Review: Pricing and Plans
RankTrackr Pricing
TankTrackr Review: Pricing

As you can see in the above screenshot, the RankTrackr’s SEO analysis software costs beginning at $19 per month. For that, you get the following features;

  • 100 keywords
  • 20 websites
  • Highest accuracy
  • Email support

As far as we have been able to determine, that price is lower than what it will cost you to get keyword tracking software from other vendors.

RankTrackr Free Trial

Network Bees believes that RankTrackr is one of the few SEO tools that are not pretentious, and that do what they are supposed to do with extreme precision. If you are looking for SEO analysis software that covers all the angles in terms of rank checking, then RankTrackr is what you are looking for. And if you are concerned about accuracy, as we all should be, then you will not be able find a better SEO tool out there. To try out RankTrackr, simply click on the link banner below;

RankTrackr: One of the best SEO tools in the world

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