Quick Introduction to Niche Websites 2020

I only recently started doing niche websites, yet in the few months that I have been at it, I have had enough of a limited sort of success to keep trying. I thought I would share my experiences here. If you are wondering whether or not to start creating Niche websites, then this article should help sort you out. The thing to remember is that success is not going to be instant, though I sold a couple of items on Amazon via one of my sites only 2 days after creating it. Realistically though, you are probably going to need to put in a lot of sweat and tears before you can begin generating enough through your niche website.

What are Niche websites?

Niche websites are something that I wish I heard about 3 years ago when I started my blogging adventure. See, much of my effort has so far been directed towards this website, which is a general sort of site. It covers a wide range of topics, and traffic is respectable. However, it barely scraps in terms of revenue generation. I make a few dollars via Google AdSense, but, honestly, AdSense is not the best of options when it comes to website monetization. So, what are niche websites?

A niche website is a site that focuses on a particular, narrow topic. The area covered should have as little competition as is possible if you are to have any chance of generating income from the site. Niche websites take cognizant of the fact that most topics out there are pretty much clogged. Think you have an idea for a kick-ass website? Well, chances are high that there are already thousands of people out there who are already effectively implementing that idea.

Why do Niche Websites?

So, why would anybody bother doing niche websites? The reason has already been given above; it’s a way of breaking from the fold, which increases your chances of success as far as earning something via your website is concerned. So, the aim is to create a website in an areas that is not that clogged. By doing this, you give yourself the chance to become an authority of Google and other websites. You don’t have that much competition, so your web pages are going to be ranked very high.

Niche website Examples

I saw a YouTube video the other day in which the guy was talking about earning $500 per month off a website that covers the topic of keeping pet chameleons. It’s one of the things that motivated me to try this segment. The guy took advantage of the fact that nobody had clearly though to create a site on the subject. I mean, who even keeps chameleons as pets? Anyway, the site only has 4 pages and a couple of videos, yet it is able to earn that much money because there is virtually no competition.

Another website covers the topic of the best e readers that can be found out there. If you look at this site, it’s actually a bit broad. Somebody could create a site that focuses on the Kindle Paperwhite, as an example. By focusing on that area, it would be possible to do justice to the topic.

I have also come across as site that talks about the best Bluetooth headphones 2020. The site is called Headphones Jack. Again, this is a subject that could have been narrowed down even further by focusing on a particular brand. Realistically, the headphones topic is not really that niche. I mean, there are hundreds of sites out there that cover the subject. So, this is probably not the best niche website idea that you will come across.

Choosing an area for a niche website

So, how do you choose an area of focus for a niche website? Well, it all has to do with doing lots and lots of keyword research. As mentioned, you will probably discover that a lot of the juicy topics have already been covered. So, you need to find new areas that have not been flogged into submission. But you don’t have to talk about chameleons to be successful with niche websites. Indeed, you can find an angle in an existing area that you can cover with success. All that you need to do is to first carry out keyword research.

Keyword Research Tools

There are plenty of keyword research tools out there that you can use to discover ideas for your niche website. You can, as an example, use the suggestions that pop up on Google to discover a new topic. I personally use Word Tracker for keyword research. This tool tells me the nature of the competition that I am likely to face for a particular keyword. So, I stay away from keywords that have stiff competition. Note that a niche website doesn’t need to have thousands of monthly searches. You can get by covering a topic that’s searched for only a couple hundred times. These kind of topics do not have that much competition.

Think about Purchase intent

One of the things that you need to think about when it comes to the creation of niche websites is the issue of purchase intent. Ask yourself what the person who has made a particular query on Google intents to do? Are they likely to make an immediate purchase or are they still in the investigating phase. This is important because Amazon only gives you a single day within which a reference will be yours. Should somebody come back to Amazon and buy something after that one day, you won’t be paid anything.

So, think about somebody that has decided to create a site that covers Tiny Homes. This is a topic that has not been extensively covered. And there are tiny home modules being sold for thousands of dollars on Amazon. Yet this is not a very good topic when it comes to the creation of a niche website. That’s because people carry out lot’s of research before buying this type of product. It’s unlikely that a person that you refer to Amazon will immediately buy a tiny home worth 20 thousand dollars. So, you should stay away from this topic.

You will find better search intent on commonplace household products. If, as an example, somebody searches for a particular brand of toilet tissue, they are likely to make the first purchase that pops up. And should you have made the referral, you will be paid for your effort. Of course, payouts for these type of products tend to be rather low. But it’s better than trying to sell a tiny house.


Hope this article will be helpful to those looking to create niche websites. Let me repeat that you need to carry out proper keyword research before settling on a topic. Once that is done, create your site and come up with a couple of well written articles and/videos. From there, you then need to begin marketing your site. Get backlinks and have a presence of social media, and a couple of months down the line, you may begin reaping the rewards. Anyway, I wish somebody had advised me right at the start of my blogging adventure. I get around 400 visitors a day on this website. Imagine what that type of traffic would have done for me had it been directed and covering a particular monitizable topic?

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