Motorcyclists vs Car Drivers: Why the hate?

Why do car drivers hate motorcyclists

The love that is not lost between car drivers and motorcyclists is rather legendary. At least it is on YouTube. And, based on some of the things that you see happening on the open roads, most of the hatred is for good reason.Think I am exaggerating?

Motorcyclists vs Car Drivers: The comments

Okay, so I am sometimes guilty of blowing things out of proportion. However, I am not doing so in this instance. At least not by much. Car drivers really hate bikers. You only have to take a look at the comments that are left on most of the YouTube videos that we are talking about, including the one that we have included in this article, to get a sense of what we are talking about here.

The freedom of owning a bike

Now, I am not going to post any of the comments here, on account of this being a family oriented blog and all that bull. I should, however, mention that I sometimes dream of walking into a shop and buying myself a nice motorcycle. I will, perhaps, start with a small one; preferably one that is not make in China.

What gives me pause are the gory stories of dead motorcyclists that I am always reading about in the newspapers. There is also the fact that my mother, although still relatively young (she likes to point out that she is younger than Oprah Winfrey), would probably get into a fit should I ever try to pull that one off.

I mean, there are anecdotes here of how one never includes a motorcyclist in plans for the evening meal. Chances are high that he or she won’t make it, and what would be the use of wasting all that food? So, why do car drivers hate motorcyclists? And why do bikers hate car drivers?

My own experience

Now, I wont claim to have had an particularly gory experience with bikers in my short career as a car driver. In fact, I haven’t had a bad experience with any driver, other than the one who rear-ended me on a traffic lights controlled intersection.

He was so shocked by the whole incident that I ended up taking him home with me just to calm his nerves. His car had suffered damage to the radiator while mine’s rear end had gotten off without even a scratch. The thing is apparently made from a type of flexible plastic. Oh well.

Why do motorcyclists hate car drivers? Just watch the video at the top. And leave a comment below.

Back on track

Okay, that’s all for this motorcyclists vs car drivers sideshow. If you would like to get back on track, why not read any of our articles on Search Engine Optimization, Rank Tracking  or Web Hosting?

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