Advantages of Kwese TV over DSTV- Local Payments

Subscription Payments Through ECOCASH, ZIMSWITCH and MasterCard

The introduction of Kwese TV was, perhaps not surprisingly, celebrated by most Zimbabweans. Previously, DSTV had enjoyed a monopoly on the market and had, in the eyes of many, long abused its position. One of the major complaints in this regard was fact that the company used to offer more, in terms of value, to its South African viewers than it did to its Zimbabwean customers.

The Compact bouquet, as an example, got you SuperSport 3 in South Africa, a channel that was not available in Zimbabwe. There was also the issue of pricing, which appeared steeper in Zimbabwe. Although all this has since changed, the fact still remains that many people in the country are eager to try out the new Kwese TV offering. So, what are the advantages of Kwese TV over DSTV?

Kwese TV Advantages

For Zimbabweans, the issue of ease of payments is Kwese TV’s major advantage over DSTV;

  1. Easier Payment Options

This, as already noted, is the major advantage of Kwese TV over DSTV. Those who have been on DSTV for any given amount of time will tell you that, despite its long presence in Zimbabwe, the company appears to have  a rather segregatory attitude towards the country.

Everything was fine while the U.S dollar was still widely available. However, now that it has become rather difficult to access foreign currency, DSTV subscribers are finding it more difficult to pay their monthly subscriptions. This is the same situation that obtained during the pre-2009 days of hyperinflation.

DSTV Subscription Payments can now only be made using U.S dollars
Its easier to make kwese tv payments than dstv
Advantages of Kwese TV over DSTV: You need hard currency in order to pay your DSTV subscriptions

Now if you wish to make your DSTV payment, you actually need to hunt down the elusive dollar, most likely on the black market. Even then, most banks now charge a transaction fee of around $5. What this means is that if you are on the Access bouquet, which costs $11 per month, you actually need to have $16 in order to make the payment.

A number of banks, including Barclays, Standard Chartered and CBZ used to have facilities on their internet banking and USSD platforms for the payment of DSTV subscriptions. Now, that has largely been done away with. The challenge here is that when someone pays using bonds, the banks actually need to look for US dollars before forwarding the payments to DSTV.

Kwese TV Accepts Ecocash, VISA and ZimSwitch

You can make Kwese TV payments through Ecocash
Advantages of Kwese TV over DSTV: Payments can be made through EcoCash, Visa and ZimSwitch

The great thing about Kwese TV is that it accepts EcoCash, VISA, MasterCard and ZimSwitch. This is great, considering the general unavailability of US dollars on the market. You can even purchase your Kwese TV Decoder and other installation equipment online using the above mentioned payment methods.

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