What are Keywords in SEO: Keywords Explained

The Importance of Keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although I have been writing articles for this blog for some time; and have been referring to Keywords in almost every article, I have only recently realized that I have never really written a post that is dedicated to the definition of Keywords in SEO. Keywords are, it is safe to say, where Search Engine Optimization begins. Without them, there is a high risk that all your SEO efforts will fall by the wayside. The internet is a vast place and knowing about Keywords gives you a head-start. So, what are keywords in SEO and why should you be bothered about them?

What are Keywords in SEO?

The term keywords refers to the words and phrases that are typed into Search Engines by people who are looking up information on the internet. 

Why Are Keywords Important in Search Engine Optimization

We have already noted that Keywords are of fundamental importance in Search Engine Optimization. Since the biggest goal in SEO is to have our web pages ranked as high as is possible by Search Engines; including Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more, it follows that the first thing that we need to do in order to achieve this aim is to get a pulse on what our potential readers are saying. 

A person who is looking for emergency plumbing services in the town of Sunningdale, in Harare, will likely type the term “24 hour plumbing, Sunningdale,” into any one of the Search Engines that are out there.

If you are the owner of a plumbing outfit in the mentioned location, and have decided to create a blog for your business, you should be cognizant of the fact that your potential customers are using this keyword to carry out their searches.

Including this and other Keywords in your content increases the chances that Search Engines will be able to properly index and identify your content. It also increases the chances that your target audience, that is, people who need emergency plumbing services in your area of operation, will be able to find you.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research
What are Keywords in SEO?

Before writing your articles, it is important, therefore, for you to carry out proper Keyword Research. This allows you to get an idea of the popularity of your chosen keywords among your potential readers.

Keyword Research Tools

The answer to the question “What are Keywords in SEO?” would not be complete without taking note of the fact that there are many Keyword Research tools out there. You should find one that works best for you and should use it to carry out Keyword Research before producing your content.

One of the best known Keyword Research Tools is Google’s Keyword Planner. In fact, this is the tool that I use the most when carrying out Keyword Research for this blog. The great thing about Keyword Planner, which is part of the AdWords Program, is that it is easy to use and produces useful Keyword Suggestions. Keyword Suggestions are particularly helpful, if you wish to expand your blog’s content by writing articles that cover all available keywords. 

What are Keywords in SEO?

What are Keywords

Hope I have answered the question “What are Keywords in SEO?” Using Keyword Planner, by the way, has told me that that particular keyword has 140 monthly Searches.

That’s compared to 1900 for the term “What are Keywords.” You may already have guessed that the focus Keyword for this blog post is “What are Keywords in SEO?” The Yoast Plugin that I use tells me that I have not previously used this Keyword in any of my post.

Going for a Keyword that has only 140 searches may appear to be a waste of time to established bloggers. However, for someone like me, who is just getting started, it represents a chance to get a higher rank.

Competition on a keyword like “What are Keywords in SEO?” is minimal, which increases the chances that my post will break into the top 10.

I could, I suppose, have opted for the keyword “What are Keywords?” which has a higher search volume. However, I figure that I have that area covered, since the keyword forms part of the chosen “What are Keywords in SEO.” To sum up, you may have noticed that I have been finding excuses to repeat my focus keyword throughout this article. Having an optimal (according to Yoast), keyword density increases the chances that Google and other Search Engines will quickly figure out what my posts are about. It thus boosts my chances of being favorably ranked.

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