Is the ZIMSEC “O” Level Results Website Down?

ZIMSEC “O” Level Results Website Down

It appears as if, after all the praise that we have been piling on ZIMSEC following the innovative decision to put online 2018 “O” level results, the company has gone back to being…well, just ordinary. As of now, the ZIMSEC “O” level results portal appears to be down.

All our attempts to open it have been hitting a brick wall. All that we are getting is a timeout error. What this means in essence is that either the site is offline or it is getting so overwhelmed with requests for data that it is failing to cope.

This seems rather unlikely, considering that at the time of writing this article, it is 2000Hrs in the evening. One would thing that if it was the case of too many demands being made to the ZIMSEC Servers, the issue would have tapered off in the evening.

Is the ZIMSEC Website up?

The ZIMSEC website itself appears to be down. The site has actually been unresponsive for a couple of days. During this time, the results portal was up and running smoothly.

Did ZIMSEC switch off the results portal?

Learners who have been failing to access their results on the ZIMSEC results website have been telling one another that ZIMSEC has switched off the server, purportedly to get those that have not paid this or that to go to their schools to make the payments.

This appears to be a bogus assertion. The courts recently ruled that schools do not have the right to withhold results for none payment, and it is hard to see ZIMSEC doing this.

Will the ZIMSEC Results portal get back up?

This is what everyone is hoping for; that the outage is temporary, and the ZIMSEC results website will get back up. As we have noted in our previous articles, the decision to make results available online was very noble, and more should be done to make it into a success.

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