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If, after reading this review, you decide to sign up with InterServer, feel free to click on the banner below to get started with your site! You can also click on this link to get the best web hosting from InterServer. Although we are an affiliate, our review is genuine, since this site is hosted by InterServer. So, you know that we are not just saying nice things about the company to get a commission. InterServer is truly the best web host that you will be able to find anywhere out there, and we are here to testify about it!

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If you have ever gone on the hunt for a host for your blog or website, you will know how agonizing the process can be. There are so many things that have to be taken into consideration, all of which can combine to make everything rather daunting. That is particularly the case if it is your first website.

You can read our post on what it takes to start a blog or a website, for more information

Fortunately, this blog was not our first push at creating a website, and we were familiar with most of the web hosting processes. So, out of the thousands of hosts that are out there, why did we end up choosing InterServer?

Why we Signed Up for Web Hosting with InterServer

There are a number of reasons why, after looking around for a host for our blog, we finally settled on InterServer. The shortlist had contained other hosts, including DreamHost, Bluehost, HostGator, Rackspace and InMotion. We have to say that InMotion was really tempting, particularly because the company offers free SSD Hosting.

InterServer is the Best Web Host

However, after much soul searching and based on reviews from others, we decided that InterServer would best serve our needs. Our decision was informed by the following considerations;

  • InterServer is one of the cheapest WordPress Hosts that you will be able to find out there.
  • It offers an amazing array of features;
  • It is the best web host in terms of reliability
  • Websites that are hosted on InterServer are blazing fast
  • It offers daily backups and daily virus scans
  • The support is okay

InterServer is the best web host in terms of honesty

The fact that InterServer is one of the cheapest web hosts that are out there was one of the reasons why we, after careful consideration, decided to go with them for this blog.

However, it is important to point out here, particularly for the sake of beginners, that cost should never be the primary of your concerns when choosing a web host. In fact, the prices that are charged by most of the major hosts, including HostGator and Bluehost, are only negligibly different.

What you don’t want to do is choose a host that comes with terrible reviews, and suffer as a result, all because you wished to save a few cents.

InterServer is honest about its prices

A major consideration for us, which made us decide that InterServer was the best web host for this blog, was the fact that the company is one of the few genuinely honest web hosts that you will be able to find out there. We know that honesty is not a word that you will usually find associated with web hosting, but there you have it! InterServer tells you exactly what it’s going to take to have your website hosted on its servers. Wondering what we mean? Well, here is the explanation….

Most of the prices that you see advertised out there by companies such as Bluehost and HostGator are not the genuine, one month costs of having your site hosted. As an example, HostGator, another company that we highly recommend, claims that its web hosting packages are priced starting at $3.95 per month.

However, what you are not told is that that is only the case if you are purchasing the 36 month package. For the real one month package, you actually have to pay $10.95. While this amount is hardly staggering, there is something about the advertising that’s going on within the industry that is, if not dishonest, rather misleading.

This is where InterServer shines. The money that you see advertised on the website is, more or less, the actual price for a single month, as you can see in the table below. Should you decide to pay for a 36 month package, you would actually be expected to pay a reduced $4 per month!

While most people would not have considered it, this “honesty,” is one of the things that first attracted us to InterServer. We have had bad experiences before, and did not wish to fall into the same trap again.

Among the Cheapest WordPress Hosts

We had decided earlier on that we were going to go for dedicated WordPress Hosting for our blog. (You can read more on how standard hosting differs from dedicated WordPress Hosting. You can also read our view on why it is best to go for dedicated WordPress Hosting for your website.)

Another of the many reasons why we ended up choosing InterServer as a host for our blog is that, on top of being among the cheapest for Standard Hosting, it is also one of the cheapest when it comes to Dedicated WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting at InterServer costs only $8 per month, which is far less than you would find with the competition;

Price Lock Guarantee

The price lock guarantee is, perhaps, the truly great thing about having your website hosted by InterServer. With most of the web hosts that are out there, you will discover at the end of your initial signup period, that the cost of hosting gets a major upwards push. Browse through the internet and you will come across thousands of stories of woe from people who have encountered this kind of situation.

The great thing about InterServer is that it comes with a price lock guarantee. What this means is that the amount of money that you pay for when you sign up is what you will expect to pay for as long as you remain with the company.

InterServer Features

Other than the issue of pricing, the other thing that attracted us to InterServer were the high number of features that come basic with each of the plans that are on offer, both for Standard Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting.

Unlimited Storage:

Another thing that makes InterServer the best web host for the year 2017 is that all of its hosting plans come with unlimited Storage, which should come in handy, particularly today, when multimedia formats such as videos and images, which consume large amounts of space, have gained in popularity on websites.

Unlimited Data Transfer

Because we envisage exponential growth for our blog, we were looking for a Web Host that does not limit our bandwidth usage. We found what we were looking for at InterServer, all of whose plans come with Unlimited Data Transfers. While this is becoming standard across the industry, there are still some companies that throttle bandwidth on entry level packages.

InterServer is the best web host in terms of Reliability

This is one of those parameters on which you have to take a leap of faith, particularly if you are just getting started. Based on some of the reviews that we gleaned from the web, we determined that InterServer is one of the most reliable hosts that can be found out there. The issue of reliability is of paramount importance. You don’t want to have a site that is constantly down because your chosen host does not have what it takes to do a proper job.

What we have found so far

In the time that we have been with InterServer, we can’t say that we have encountered anything for which we have any complains. In fact, InterServer has proven to be, perhaps, the most reliable Web Host that we have ever used. Not once, has our site gone down, which validates the 99.9% uptime guarantee that the company offers.

InterServer is the best host in terms of speed

Before launching, we had set out to create a blog that would rival some of the best out there. That is why we were determined that we would only choose the best web host in the world, which would guarantee an unparalleled level of speed for our customers. It is also the reason why we chose to go with Managed WordPress hosting, which offers faster speeds than Standard Hosting.

We have to say that, so far, we have not been disappointed by the speed with which InterServer has delivered our pages to visitors to our site. In fact, we have been very impressed, considering that some of our articles are picture intensive.

Daily Backups and Daily Virus Scans

With almost every other host out there, the cost of securing your site and creating backups can actually be higher than that of web hosting itself. That is not the case with InterServer. Choosing the Managed WordPress route allowed us to get Daily Virus Scans and Daily Backups as part of the package.

Considering that we are only paying $8 per month for web hosting, this is something of a steal. In any case, the importance of the two features can never be overemphasized.

Security was one of the major motivations for us to go the Managed WordPress route. To those who have fallen prey to malware, InterServer offers free hacked WordPress cleanups, which is more than you will be able to find anywhere out there.

Support is Okay

The availability of a dedicated, capable support team was another of the things that we took into consideration when choosing a web host. While we haven’t had reason to use their support service as yet (we haven’t had problems with our site), the fact that InterServer comes with Award Winning 24/7 Support, which is available for all packages makes it one of the best web hosts that you will be able to find out there.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

InterServer is truly the best web host for the year 2020: It has allowed us to cruise

We have been using InterServer for a while now and have, in that time, had no major issues with our blog. In fact, we can safely say that InterServer is the best web host for the year 2017. We promise to keep you updated about how the experience go.

If you would like to join InterServer, feel free to click on the banner below to get started. You can also click on the big blue button at the beginning of this paragraph to get the first month for only $.01! That’s fantastic web hosting deal!

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