How to Increase Signups on your Website with Exit Intent Popups

How to increase signup conversion

Increasing signups on a website is, arguably, one of the major goals for businesses out there. Of all the digital marketing tools that are available in today’s internet driven world, a website is one of the most useful tools at your disposal as a marketing executive. So, how can you increase signups on your website as a way of helping your business achieve growth?

state of the art exit popups tool

Why signup conversion is important

Getting more people to signup on your website is important for one important reason;

It helps you create a mailing list, which you can then use to reach out to people who are interested in your business.

Using Exit Intent Popups to increase signups on your website

One of the things that can be so exasperating from the point of view of a webmaster is that people out there appear to be rather fickle. To be frank, not many of us spend that much time on a single website. Depending on the nature of your website, the average bounce rate for websites tends to hover around 50%.

Why is the bounce rate important?

As a website owner, the most desirable behavior as far as website visitors is concerned is to have them stay on your site for a long time. So, having a high bounce rate is not good, in this regard.

The conversion rate

If you think an average bounce rate of 50% is bad, just consider the fact that the the average landing page conversion rate for all websites stands at only around 1 and 2% and you will see how important it is for you to do more to retain the interest of your visitors.

Exit intent popups

Exit intent popups are, as already mentioned, one good way through which you can increase signups on your website. Exit intent popups use advanced AI to determine when a person is in the process of leaving a web page. A popup is then displayed, asking them to take one action or the other.

In this instance, what we are looking for is to have people join your mailing list. Exist intent popups help increase your conversion by as much as 15%. The increase will, without doubt, significantly boost your capital inflows.

How to get Exit Intent Popups on your Website

state of the art exit popups tool

To get exit intent popups on your website, simply click on the image above. Exit Mist is one of the best exit intent popup tools that can be found out there. You can try out the company’s services on your website absolutely free of charge.  Exit Mist covers a wide range of websites, CMSes, including WordPress.  So, what are you waiting for? Get exist intent popups to increase signups conversions on your website toda!

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