How to use of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Most people, it has to be said, are not even aware that Windows 10 comes with Sticky Notes, a simple application that you can use for your daily reminders and note taking. Sticky Notes are great for those that carefully plan their days and need reminders of the tasks that they have set for themselves throughout the days. So, how do you use Sticky Notes on a Windows 10 computer?

  1. Download Sticky Notes on a Windows 10 Computer

To download Sticky Notes on a Windows 10 computer, all that you need to do is search for “Sticky Notes,” on your PC. Click on the Sticky Notes App that appears.

  1. Syncing across multiple devices

The next thing that you need to do is sync your notes with other Windows devices. This is great and means that you will be able to use Sticky Notes across multiple devices. Whenever you log into your Microsoft account, your Notes will appear, even on a new device. Note that you can use Sticky Notes without signing is by clicking on “Not Now.”

  1. A Sticky Note will now appear

A sticky note will now appear on your screen. You can use the notes by simply typing whatever it is that you wish to type into your sticky notes.

  1. How to create a new sticky note

To create a new Sticky Note, simply click on the + sign on an existing Sticky Note.

  1. The Notes List

You will also notice that you will have a Notes List on your screen. You can close it if you do not wish to see it. To reopen it, simply click on an open Note, click on the three dots towards the right and click on Notes List.

  1. Delete a Sticky Note

To delete a Note, click on a open Sticky Note, click on the three dots to the right, and then choose Delete note in the options that appear.

  1. Change Sticky Notes colors

To change the colors of a Note, you need to click on an open Sticky Note. Then click on the three dots to the top right of the note. Then choose the preferred color for your sticky notes.

If you are having problems updating your Windows 10 computer, then take a look at this article for the solution. Otherwise, have a good day.

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