How to Transfer Data on Vodacom South Africa

Do you wish to find out how to transfer data on Vodacom in South Africa? Many people are looking for solutions to this. That’s not surprising, considering that Vodacom commands the largest share of the mobile market in the country. As a customer, a time may come when you need to do a data transfer on Vodacom.

How to Transfer Data from Vodacom to Vodacom

To transfer data on Vodacom in South Africa, you need to take the following steps;

  1. On your Vodacom phone, dial *135#.
  2. Next, choose the Buy Bundles and Services option.
  3. Now you need to go to Data bundles.
  4. Now select For another number.
  5. In the next section, you will have to enter the recipient’s number.
  6. Now you can choose the data bundle that you wish to send.
  7. Confirm your chosen option and send data to the other number.
  8. You recipient will now receive data in their phone.

Can this be done to people on other networks?

There are many people who are looking to transfer data from Vodacom to this or that other network. Unfortunately, that cannot be done. As an example, you cannot send data from Vodacom to Telkom.

The same applies for other networks in South Africa. The steps given above are, therefore, only for those asking themselves how to transfer my Vodacom data to another Vodacom number. If you are looking for something else, you are going to have to explore other solutions.

Why Learn How to Send Data on Vodacom?

That’s how to share data on Vodacom. But why would you want to learn how to transfer Vodacom data? Well, there are several reasons. We are Africans, after all. We all have people that rely on us and there are people who we rely on.

So, you may be looking to spread the love by sharing data with those around you. It’s a good thing if you are on the same network. It makes the whole thing easy. You can share data without a problem.

Things are complicated if those close to you are on other networks. In that case, it may be beneficial to look at porting from whatever network they are on to the same network as you. The advantage of porting is that you get to keep your current number.

Anyway, those are the reasons for transferring Vodacom data. You do it if those around you request it. These may be your wife, husband, colleague or girlfriend. Doing Vodacom data transfers is a good way of keeping everyone connected. That’s important in this day and age, isn’t it?

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