How to Top up the ZINARA tollgate card

Having a ZINARA card can be a lifesaver in terms of saving time at tollgates. Unfortunately, not much is known by the general public about these cards. It appears as if they have not really been that well marketed, in spite of the fact that they are an innovative product produced in Zimbabwe. If you have a ZINARA tollgate card, you may be wondering how to top it up. So, how do you top up the ZINARA tollgate card?

Put Money into ZINARA Tollgate Card

In order to top up the ZINARA tollgate card, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Go to the paynowtopup website
  2. Scroll to and click on “Other Services.”
  3. Click on ZINARA Toll Gates
  4. Enter your card number
  5. Enter the amount that you wish to top up
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Type in your mobile number
  8. Click on Check My Account
  9. Once your account has been verified, you will then be able to choose a payment method.

The easiest payment method when topping up the ZINARA toll gate card is ECOCASH. If you choose these method on the paynowtopup website, you won’t have to register or anything. I have found that using ZIMSWITCH on the platform tends to be rather cumbersome in terms of initial registration.

Alternative to topup your ZINARA tollgate card

The good news is that there is an alternative when it comes to adding money to your ZINARA card. The following are the other available methods;

You can deposit cash directly onto the card at an ZIMPOST of ZINARA branch.

Maybe one day the option to top up a ZINARA card will become available on ECOCASH and life will become easier. The challenge at the moment appears to be, as I have already mentioned, the fact that usage of the cards does not appear to be that widespread. That’s probably because there are so many alternative ways of making payments at tollgates in Zimbabwe.

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