How to Increase your AdSense Payment Threshold

Do you monetize your website via Google AdSense. If yes, then you are one of the millions of publishers who do so. AdSense is definitely the go to program for website monetization. It offers steady returns if you have enough traffic on your site or channel. Anyway, as an AdSense publisher, a time may come when you wish to increase or decrease your AdSense payment threshold. Should that happen, you could end up wondering how to do it. We show you how in this article;

What is the AdSense payment threshold?

The AdSense payment threshold is the minimum level at which AdSense will release payments to publishers. Every advertising agency that’s out there will have a payment threshold. For AdSense, that’s $100. For Amazon, the threshold is $10 for those that are in the Amazon Associates program. However, for KDP publishers, there is no threshold at all and you will get your money even if it’s 50 cents that’s being released into your account. Anyway, that’s all beside the point.

How to increase or decrease the AdSense Payment Threshold

To adjust the AdSense threshold, you need to take the steps that are outlined in the screenshots below;

First, you need to sign into your AdSense Account. Once you have done so, you will be taken to your Dashboard, where you can see your earnings along with other information.

increase AdSense payment threshold
The AdSense Dashboard

On your Dashboard, click on Payments to begin the process of increasing your AdSense payment threshold. You can also click on the three dots in Balance, where the arrow is pointing in the above screenshot.  Choose View Payments from the options that appear.

decrease AdSense threshold
Adjust your AdSense payments

On the Payments page, click on Manage Payments under Settings. (see above screenshot)

AdSense payments
Adjust your threshold to what you want

On the next page, click on the little pencil in front of Payment schedule. You will see your current threshold underneath Payment schedule as you can see in the above screenshot. For me, the payment threshold is currently set at $150. (see above screenshot)

Clicking on the little pencil opens up a section where you can change your Payment threshold. For me, I set it back at the default $100.When done, click on the save button.

Why Increase your AdSense Payment Threshold?

There could be several reasons why you may look to increase or decrease your AdSense payment threshold. For me, it was a matter of practicality. I decided to increase the threshold after having problems with my bank account. My card had expired, and I needed to apply for a new one. So, to stop money from being deposited into an account that was no longer functional, I increased the payment threshold. That ensured that I missed that month’s payment schedule. However, after sorting out my account issue, I then reverted to the default AdSense payment threshold of $100.

So, there could be several reasons for adjusting your AdSense payment threshold. Perhaps you wish to get your money in one go as a large amount. Hopefully, you make that much. Instead of getting bits and pieces, you could then wait for the money in your account to increase before having it released. It’s actually a way of saving your money. If you don’t want to use the money at the moment, there is really no better way of keeping it than with AdSense.

The only challenge is that you will have to deal with the AdSense payment schedules. Otherwise, your money will be safe. Anyway, whatever your reason for doing an AdSense increase payment threshold, I hope this article has been useful to you. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have something to say. I love hearing from you!

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