How to Find WiFi Password Windows 10 Manually and using CMD (with video)

Are you looking to find the WiFi password on a Windows 10 computer? Perhaps you have lost your WiFi password and are looking to recover it from your computer. Or, maybe, you are looking to get access to your neighbor’s WiFi, which you have been coveting for long. If that’s the case, you could simply go to your neighbor and ask for the password. Or you can, better still, get your own WiFi. However, I am not here to judge you. What I am here to do is to show you how to find the stored WiFi password on Windows 10. To view the password on a Windows 10 computer, you need to do the following;

Find WiFi Password Windows 10

To find your WiFi password Windows 10, all that you need to do is the following;

  1. Go to “Settings” on your computer.
  2. In Settings click on “Network & internet.”
  3. Next, click on “Wi-Fi.”
  4. Click on “Change adapter settings.”
  5. Right click on the Wi-Fi network and click on “Status.”
  6. From there, click on “Wireless Properties.”
  7. Click on the “Security,” tab.
  8. Finally, click on “Show characters.”

How to Find Wifi Password Using CMD

Given above is the manual way of finding the WiFi password on a Windows 10 computer. This section shows you how to find wifi password using cmd in Windows 10. This method is a little bit simpler if you know the command. To find WiFi password using CMD, you need to do the following;

  • Open Command Prompt on your Windows 10 computer. You can do this by typing cmd into the search area of your computer and clicking on the CMD icon.
  • They in or paste the following command; netsh wlan show profile WiFiname key=clear
  • Replace WiFi-name with the name of your WiFi network
  • Press the enter button on your PC
  • You will see lot’s of details about your WiFi connection. The WiFi password can be found in front of Key Content

Windows 10 find WiFi password

That’s how you find your WiFi password on Windows 10 computers. Now that you know how to retrieve a WiFi password from a Windows 10 computer, you can now go to your neighbor and ask to use his laptop for a few minutes. Once you have that, it’s a simple matter or retrieving his password. In fact, you can use the method above to find saved WiFi passwords on a Windows 10. Let’s assume that you have a computer that has been connected to different passwords. All that you need to do to view them is use the above described method to retrieve them.

Why find WiFi password windows 10 Ethernet

Getting this information can, without doubt, be useful. I cant count the number of times that I have personally have had to run around looking for a WiFi password. Knowing how to find the wireless password on Windows 10 has definitely saved me from having to go begging to some morose network administrator. All that I need to do to get a Wireless network’s password is go to a laptop that’s connected to the network. From there, I am able to find the current WiFi passport for Windows 10 computers.

Having this kind of information could also be useful, as mentioned at the top, if you are looking to get free WiFi from your neighbor. All that you need to do is go to them and ask to use their laptop for a few minutes. Perhaps you can pretend that yours has broken down and you need to urgently send out an email. Whatever your reason for asking for the laptop, once you have the device, you can then copy the WiFi password! Seriously though, other than you wanting to scam your neighbor out of his data, there are other innocent instances where you could look to find your WiFi password in Windows 10;

  • Perhaps you have lost your password and you wish to retrieve it for use on other computers.
  • Maybe you wish to use the password on a mobile device.

How to keep your WiFi Password Secure Windows 10

As you can see, somebody with knowledge can retrieve a WiFi password from a computer. So, how do you protect yourself. Let’s assume that you are the neighbor in the above scenario? How do you ensure that your unscrupulous friend does not filch your WiFi password?

Well, to be frank, there is probably no way in which you can prevent someone from retrieving the WiFi password this way. The only thing that you can do is make sure that your computer does not fall into the wrong hands. If your neighbor comes to you sobbing and claiming that they need to use your computer, make sure that you are looking over their shoulder as they are doing it. Otherwise, they could very well steal your WiFi password.

So, the only way of protecting yourself is to physically secure your computer so that nobody is going to be able to retrieve your password. You also need to have a strong login password to make sure that people do not get access to your computer. Read the article in the provided link to find out how to change the PIN on your Windows 10 computer.

Windows 10 how to find WiFi Password: Video

The video below shows how to find the WPA2 password on a Windows 10 computer;

Are you looking to change the WiFi password on a TP Link ADSL router? If yes, follow the instructions in the provided link to find out what to do.

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