How to Check the Windows Version on a PC (with video)

You may, at some point in time, ask yourself; which version of Windows do I have? Perhaps you have just upgraded your computer to the latest version of Windows 10 and you wish to find out the name of the upgrade. Or perhaps, you are simply curious and you would like to find out the version of Windows that’s installed on your computer. Here, in any case, is how to check the Windows version on your PC.

What Windows version do I have?

If you have been asking yourself; what is my Windows version, then this is how to find out;

  1. Click on the Start icon to the bottom left of your Windows 10 computer
  2. Click on the “Settings,” button.
  3. In Settings, click on “System.”
  4. In the next windows, scroll down and click on “About.”
  5. Your current Windows 10 version can be found under “Windows specification.”

Video: how to check which version of Windows is on a computer

The video above shows you how to see the Windows version that’s on your computer. Watch it if you wish to check your Windows 10 version.

Which version of Windows is installed on my laptop?

what version of windows am i using
What version of Windows am I using?

As you can see in the above screenshot, my laptop is currently running on Windows 10 version 1909. You also get the date of installation for the current version of Windows 10 on your PC, along with the OS build number.

Anyway, that’s how to tell which version of Windows 10 is on your computer. This is the kind of information that you should seek if you are worried about not having the current version of Windows 10 installed.

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