How to Check the Number of Days Remaining on your DSTV Subscription

Before DSTV starts sending you notices reminding you that your subscription is almost due for renewal, you may wish to check the number of days remaining on your DSTV subscriptions. That is particularly pertinent for Zimbabweans, who now have to scrounge around for Forex to settle their accounts. So, how do you check the number of days remaining on your DSTV subscription?

How many days are left on my DSTV subscription?

To check the number of days that are left before you have to make another DSTV payment, all that you need to do is the following;

  1. Visit the DSTV website
  2. Sign into your account using either your Mobile Number or your Surname, and your SmartCard Number
  3. Under you account details, you will see the “Number of viewing days remaining.”

The Number of Viewing Days Remaining on my DSTV subscription

This feature appears to be a recent addition from DSTV. Or maybe we simply never bothered to look for it before. Anyway, the number of viewing days remaining on your subscription feature helps you properly plan your DSTV payments.

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