How to Change Password in WordPress (Pictures)

Do you wish to change the password on your WordPress website? If yes, then this short guide should help you get there. Periodically changing the password on your site is important. You don’t want unauthorized people to gain access, lest they destroy or steal all your hard work. I recently needed to change my own admin password after giving it to someone as part of the process of troubleshooting an issue that I was having with my site. Below is how to change the password in WordPress;

WordPress Change Password Steps

To change the login password on a WordPress website, please take the following steps;

First, you need to get logged into your WordPress Dashboard

how to change password in WordPress
Log into your dashboard to change your WordPress WiFi password

Next, you need to hover your mouse on the small picture to the top right of your screen. On the options that appear, click on Edit Profile.

WordPress change password
WordPress change password

On the next page, click on Generate Password. This can be found under Account Management.

How to change admin password in WordPress

Your new password will now appear. Copy and save it somewhere. Now you need to click on Update Profile to update your password.

WordPress Password Change: What’s next?

So, what happens after your WordPress password change? Well, when I completed changing my own password, I clicked on Log Out Everywhere Else. This ensures that your site is logged out for whoever my be logged in at that moment. As mentioned, I had given my password to the support at WordPress so they could solve a problem that I was experiencing with images. When that was done, I no longer wanted them to have my password. So, I clicked on that button and everyone other than me got logged out. So, that’s how to change admin password in WordPress. You may wish to do this occasionally to protect yourself. That way, people who may have gotten your password will be shut out.

From there, you can continue blogging to your heart’s content. Please check out my article on how to check AdSense earnings on Android. That’s assuming that you monetize your site using AdSense, of course. It’s what I do, though I have heard that there are far better ways of making money online than AdSense. Truth be told, for beginners, AdSense is good.

Or maybe for old timers too. The trick is on having enough traffic. Without that, your site is going to fall flat. I saw a message online from somebody who was complaining that their AdSense earning had fallen from $2 per month to 50 cents. I don’t think that’s worth anybody’s while. You need to keep going on your WordPress site. Think long term. You are not going to reap rewards till maybe 4 years later. By the way, here is how to fix the mixed content error on a WordPress site.

It’s what we have been doing. Of course, there are sites out there that make it within the first year. But they are far and in between. The majority of sites are actually abandoned by their owners after a while. There is a lot of disillusionment in the industry. People start out thinking they are going to make millions, but that hardly ever happens. The majority get $2 a month, and that’s if you are fortunate. So, keep working on your site and don’t be discouraged. Leave a comment below. We love hearing from you and we love to talk, as you may have noticed by the digression from the core topic of the article.

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