How Much is BT Sport on Sky?

How much is BT Sport on Sky? You are here because you have been wondering at the cost of getting the BT Sports package as an extra on Sky. BT Sport currently has four channels. These are BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3 and BT Sport ESPN. Each of these channels has an HD version. So, what do you need to pay to get BT Sport on Sky? In this article, we show you the available Sky packages, along with the cost of adding BT Sport.

Cost of adding BT Sport to Sky

To get BT Sport on a new Sky signup, you will need to pay either £24 per month or £27 per month, depending on the package that you have chosen. That’s on top of the cost of the Sky package. If you are adding BT Sport to an existing Sky package, then the cost is currently an additional £29.99 per month on top of what you have already been paying. In the table below, you can see the available Sky packages, along with the cost of adding BT Sports. Note that these amounts are liable to change at any time.

Sky PackagePackage fee per monthCost of Adding BT Sport
Ultimate TV£25£27
Sky TV, Netflix & Sky Sports£45£24
Sky TV, Netflix & Cinema£36£27
The Full House£52£24
Sky TV & Kids£31£27
Build your own package£25£27

They should be taken only as an indicator of the cost of adding BT Sports to Sky. In most instances, you will also need to pay an upfront fee or a setup fee on top of the amount highlighted above. That varies from package to package. The upfront fee is once off.

We need to reiterate that the BT Sport package is on top of your Sky Package. So, it’s an extra charge. Let’s assume, as an example, that you have chosen the Sky TV, Netflix & Sky Sports package which costs £45 a month for 18 months. That’s the Sky package.

You can then add BT Sport as an extra to this package. As you can see in the screenshot, the package in this instance costs £24 a month.

How much is BT Sport on Sky?
How much is BT Sport on Sky? You can add BT Sport as an extra on Sky

So, in total, you will have to pay £69 per month. That’s for this particular instance. Of course, what you pay in total is going to be different depending on the package. Please note that the cost of getting BT Sports on Sky also differs depending on your chosen package. Normally, it’s £27 but you can get it for less if there are promotions being run.

Is it worth it?

Hopefully, we have answered the question; how much is BT Sport on Sky. But is it worth adding this package? One of the major appeals of BT Sport is that they hold a number of exclusive rights. As an example, in the UK and Republic of Ireland, the company has TV rights to 52 Premier League matches per season. BT Sport also has rights to the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UFC, National League and Ligue 1 among other sporting events.

The arrival of BT Sport on the arena in 2013 hasn’t exactly made life easy for Sport lovers. For one thing, one now has to come to a decision whether to sign up only for BT Sport, or to get only Sky Sport. Of course, there is the third option, that of getting both. That’s what we are exploring in this article.

Most people get into a dilemma when it comes to choosing between the two. Should you go for BT Sport? Or should you opt for Sky Sport? Well, it’s definitely an easier decision that you may think. If you are a Champions League fanatic, as an example, then you will be better off going for BT Sport.

But if you enjoy other forms of Sport, such as Formula 1 racing, then you can opt for Sky Sport. Or you can have both. The good thing is that Sports tend to be seasonal. So, you can pick between depending on what’s happening at that particular point in time.

That’s the answer to the question; “how much is BT Sport on Sky.” If you are a BT Broadband customer, you may be interested in learning how to change the password on your WiFi network. You may also be interested in the default password for BT routers.

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