How Many Hours can I Record on the DSTV Explora?

You can record up to 110 hours on the DSTV Explora 3. The Explora 3 has a storage capacity of 1TB. That is the same as can be found on the Explora 2. Surprisingly though, both the Explora 2 and the Explora 3 have less recording space than the original DSTV Explora (the Explora 1), which had 220 hours of recording space. So, that’s a bit of a regression there, but it shouldn’t matter much, as you will see. Anyway, here is a bit more about the recording space on the DSTV Explora;

The DSTV Explora’s Storage Capacity in Days

To put everything in perspective, you can record up to 4.5 days of content on the DSTV Explora. That’s, simply put, quite a lot! So, if you were worried that the amount of storage space on the DSTV Explora 3 or 2 is too little, there you have your answer.

Are the recordings in HD?

Yes, the recordings on the DSTV Explora are both in HD and SD. It all depends on the channel and show that you are recording.

How do I unlock the Explora’s PVR functionality?

Most people will surprised to note that buying the Explora does not mean that they are going to automatically get the ability to record their favorite shows. To be fair, the whole affair seems to be a little bit of a money making con by DSTV. I mean, what additional service does DSTV need to perform on a monthly basis that justifies the charging of a fee to get the recording function?

Once you have purchased the Explora, you need to pay a monthly subscription of R95, on top of your usual subscription, in order to unlock the PVR functionality. On top of that, the ability to record shows is only available on the DSTV Compact and Premium bouquets. So, if you have the Explora but subscribe to other bouquets, then fat chance getting the Explora to record anything.

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