How LCD Televisions Work: A Modern Explanation

How LCD Television Work

This article is a bit of a digression from my usual articles, in which I talk about Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Rank Tracking and other related issues. In any case, somebody asked me how LCD televisions work and I thought I would make an article out of the question.Although LCD technology has, in recent years, come under siege from LED and other technologies, LCD televisions remain widely available today.

When they were first introduced, LCD televisions were a revolutionary departure from the clunky Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TVs that had dominated living rooms across the globe for decades. Today, the technology is all around us; from mobile phones to televisions and digital watches.

LCD Technology Explained

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The technology takes advantage of the light modulating properties of liquid crystals, which were discovered as far back as 1888. The displays are made up of two polarizing filters, and use a back light to produce images. The backlight is on all the time.

One of the filters is arranged vertically and blocks vertical light waves, while the other is arranged horizontally and blocks horizontal light waves. Together they have the ability to create a completely blank screen by blocking all the light that comes from the backlight.

The liquid crystals, which are naturally twisted, can be manipulated through the selective application of a voltage. This determines the amount of light that is allowed to pass through the filter. The crystals are actually made up of three sub-pixels that are made up of red, green and blue color filters. This is what allows the televisions to produce color images.

Advantages of LCD Displays

One of the major advantages of LCD technology is that it is thin and is, therefore, a major departure from the clunky Cathode Ray Tubes that we mentioned earlier. Their introduction allowed for the introduction of much thinner televisions and other gadgets. Moreover, LCD does not consume as much power as earlier technologies. This energy efficiency is one of the reasons why they became such a hit among consumers.

How LCD Televisions Work: The Disadvantages

The one major disadvantage of LCD technology is that there is always some degree of light bleed that is caused by the fact that its difficult to block the always on back-light.

Hope this has given you an idea of How LCD Televisions Work. Now when you come across the technology, you will know what this is all about. Here is an article on the 9 best TVs in 2019. Check it out to find out what’s trending.

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