How Can You Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) refers is a term developed by MOZ which categorizes a website regarding the amount of content, quality of content, and referring links. Domain authority is not a ranking metric used by Google or any other search engine but still, it is important. Google has its algorithms and metrics on which it ranks a website in search engine result pages. So if Google is not taking DA seriously, why should we?

Google or other search engine algorithms check a website on many metrics but they never show their cards. They keep their ranking factors closed for everyone. Whereas tools like Moz, Semrush, and Ahref keep themselves close to Google algorithms and these tools do give weigh to domain authority. So, it is likely possible that Google also considers DA in website ranking.

Hence, there should be no hesitation in trying to increase your domain authority. But how to increase it? Is there a specific technique to increase DA? In this article, we will tell you the ways to increase the domain authority of your website omno time and how you can check your progress.

What is the Difference between DA vs. PA?

Alongside Domain Authority, another term that is often mentioned in Page Authority. Websites are collections of web pages and each page has its value which is known as Page Authority. Domain authority measures your entire website, while page authority measures single pages on that website.

As an example, on this website, is the entire domain while is a single page on the website.

Ways to Increase Website Domain Authority

There are numerous ways through which you can increase your website’s Domain Authority. In this article, we are going to discuss white-hat ways of boosting your site’s DA;

1.     Make Your Internal & External Linking Powerful

Backlinks and internal linking are the best ways to boost your domain authority score. Backlinks are the votes that a high-end website passes to a new website. Backlinks are the backbone of your website’s domain authority.

An increase in backlinks means an increase in domain authority. But never compromise quality over quantity. Remember a single healthy backlink from a quality website passes more authority than multiple backlinks from low-quality sites.

Contribute to Social Forums

Social forums like Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. are great platforms that can get you traffic. These platforms also allow dropping a link to your website in the body of a conversation or an answer.

While answering questions from, people you can paste a link to your website. It will count as a backlink to your website. Creating profiles on these kinds of platforms will also count as a profile backlink.

Make sure to check the spam score and DA of a website before taking backlinks from them.

Reach Out to Bloggers

Reach out to webmasters of high-authority websites and low spam scores (The spam should not be greater than 5). Posting articles containing links to your website on others’ blogs or websites will count as backlinks to your website.

Make sure the website you are getting backlinks from has a good reputation. Try to get backlinks from websites within your niche. The links in the article should be relevant to the host as well as your website.

Create Profile Backlinks

Creating profiles also increases your backlinks count. There are thousands of websites and social media platforms that allow creating a profile. While creating a profile you can mention your website URL there. After indexing, this profile will count as a backlink to your website. The rule is the same for these kinds of websites (Check DA and Spam Score first).

Never Forget Internal Linking

Internal linking cannot affect the domain authority directly but it can help for sure. A proper internally linked website tends to rank higher in search engine result pages. When your website is getting good traffic and a high ranking; people will start to mention your website as a reference in their articles. This reference will count as a backlink and passes authority to your website.

2.     Remove Spam Links

The links from bad reputed or gambling websites are known as spammy links. These websites usually have a high spam score which may cause the spam score of your website to increase. It also causes the domain and page authority of your website to decrease.

These links can be created by some black hat SEO techniques: when your purchase bulk backlinks instead of creating them on your own.

To remove spam links a disavow tool can be used. Webmasters, SEOs, and content marketers can use disavow tools to submit a list of links that they do not want Google to consider while counting the backlinks. SEO tools like Moz, Semrush, or Ahrefs can help a lot in completing this process.

Procedure to Remove Spammy Links

  1. Extract the list of backlinks with SEO tools, e.g. Moz, Semrush, or Ahrefs;
  2. Sort out the list so the lowest DA and SS sites are at the top;
  3. Check Each of the websites manually with the tools mentioned below in the article;
  4. Point out the harmful, spammy websites;
  5. Go to Google Search Console and enter those domains there to disavow.

3.     Focus on Quality Content

Never forget the content. High-quality content will generate organic backlinks to your website. When the content on your website is SEO optimized and informative for the readers. The Google ranking algorithms will automatically show it on the first page of the SERPs.

Writers used to mention websites ranking on the top as a reference in their articles. It will count as an organic backlink that is way more authoritative.

Do use proper keywords in your content, use internal & external links, and never forget to add images & videos to your content.

A good piece of content will lead traffic to your website, high traffic and top position means organic backlinks. This will ultimately increase your website’s domain authority.

How to Check Your Websites Domain Authority?

There are several ways and tools used to check the domain authority. Some of the tools provide bulk checking, some are limited, and a few are free and unlimited. Most tools use the Moz API key for checking the domain authority of a website. The range of domain authority lies between 0 to 100 and a DA of 60 is considered a good authority score.

The domain authority is not a fixed number it can fluctuate due to several reasons. E.g. backlinks quality & quantity, content quality, content relevancy, competitor’s backlinks, etc.

DA PA Checker by

Softo’s DA PA checker is an amazing tool that offers you the ability to check the domain authority of twenty websites at a time. It has two options, “exclude the same URL” to get the page authority of the web pages separately. The second option is “exclude same domain” it will you the domain authority score of separate domains or websites.

With this tool, you can check the page authority, domain authority, spam score, Moz rank, indexed pages, and much more. It can even tell you the age of a domain. The checking report can also be downloaded in form of an excel sheet. There is no fee, subscription, or sign-up required. Moreover, it has no limit to checking websites.

Da PA checker is another handy website powered by Moz to check the domain authority of any website. It is capable of checking twenty websites at a time. It also does have an option for excluding the same URL and excluding the same domain.

Spam score, page authority, Moz rank, and indexed pages can also be determined with this tool. It is free with no checking limit. A detailed website report can also be generated and downloaded freely.

Domain Authority Checker by

Domain Authority checker

This is a tool that we use on an almost daily basis. Among the 95+ utilities of, there is a domain authority checker also available for free. It does have the same features as the above-mentioned tools have but it only allows ten URLs for checking in a single go for its free version. However, this limit can be extended to 500 URLs at a time with the pro version.

You can instantly add websites to your targeted guest post list. You can use this tool countless times with a limit of ten URLs at one time. It also offers to download a detailed check report at the end.


Backlinks are the main source of an increase in domain authority. However, there are multiple ways to get backlinks, organically or manually.

Keep on applying the way mentioned above and also keep a keen view of your website domain authority by these DA PA checkers. Thanks for Reading!

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