7 Headline Examples that will Bring 1000 Visitors a Day to your Website

The first thing that anyone who comes across this article will read is the headline. That is why it is so important for you, as a blogger, to put enough time and effort into making your headlines the best that they can be. Otherwise people will simply ignore your articles in favor of others whose headlines are more engaging. We all know that Google is a cutthroat environment, and anything that you can do to give yourself an edge will have a tremendous effect on your SEO efforts. Here, in any case, are 9 headline examples that will help you get 1000 readers per day for your site;

  1. Begin with a number

begin your article with a number

You will have noticed that the headline on this article begins with a number. We could, in fact, have called the post “Headline examples that will bring your website readers.” That would have been the same, right?

Wrong! Research indicates that headlines that start with numbers and ones that have numbers in them stand out from within the crowd in Search Engine Result Pages.

Notice that we have taken the time to give a specific figure with regard to the number of people that you will get for your site through the use of our ideas. Again, the trick lies in psychologically reaching out to your potential readers, in this case, with a figure that is aimed at making it hard for them to skip this article when it appears in SERPs results.

  1. Odd numbers are better

This is another thing that most bloggers are not aware of. Odd numbers stand out more than even numbers in search engine results. We could, as an example, have chosen to write an article with the title; “8 headline examples guaranteed to bring 1000 visitors a day to your website.”

However, in this case, 9 works better because odd numbers have been found to bring better results than even numbers. Along the same vein, 7 is better than 6, just as 3 is better than 4.

  1. Use how to statements

The main reason why most people go online is to get information about one product or the other. You can increase the number of visitors to your website by providing them with the kind of information that they are looking for.

In this case, article titles that use how to statements tend to be most successful. An example would be “How to bake bread.”

The reader who gets this kind of result in their search engine results is looking for specific information about baking bread, and your how to article becomes irresistible in that it answers directly to their query. In fact, chances are high that they will have typed the same words into their search engines.

  1. Personal Explanations

Another way of driving people to your website is by having personal explanation headlines. The great thing about this type of heading is that it tells people that you are not just remotely trying to attract them while talking about something that you have never experienced.

They will, understand, instead, that you are talking from personal experience. That is a great way through which you can get people to click on your headlines.

An example of what we are talking about here would be a headline that goes something like this; “How I made a $10 000 by selling an eBook online.”

We all know that money making ventures are some of the most sought after on the internet. The fact that you are telling your own personal success story would therefore be a great way through which you can boost traffic to your website.

  1. Intrigue

Intrigue is something that the creators of fake news have mastered for their headlines. That is one of the reasons why fake news is so popular around the world.

fake news uses intrigue to capture attention through headlines

We are not advocating here that you should create fake headlines and fake news. Far from it. What you need to do instead is add intrigue to your headlines.

An example of an intriguing headline would be something like; “Women accidentally given sex change operation.”

Of course this could very well be the headline in a fake news story, but you get the point.

  1. Top list headlines

Top list headlines are actually some of the most useful when it comes to driving traffic to your website. As an example, we could have called this article “Top 7 headline examples to bring 1000 readers to your website,” and it would have worked very well.

  1. Finality

Finality is another tool that you can use in your headlines to attract readers to your website. Finality works at the psychological level to convince your readers that yours is the final work in an given field.

Based on that, they are left with no option but to click on your articles. An example of what we are talking about here would be something like; “The ultimate guide to article headlines for bloggers.”

Do it right

Most bloggers are guilty of writing headlines that make it appear as if they are not interested in what they are doing. This is something that you need to avoid at all cost if you hope to attract visitors to your website. Creating a blog title that sells will hardly take any of your time. Yet the rewards at the end of the day will be exponential.

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