WordPress 5.0: Gutenberg editor vs the Classic Editor

Perhaps the biggest change that was brought in with the introduction of WordPress 5.0 was the coming into the mainstream of the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Previously, Gutenberg had only been available as a plugin.

What is the Gutenberg Editor?

The new WordPress Gutenberg Editor introduces the concept of blocks to the creation of WordPress posts. This is opposed to the classic way of creating content in WordPress, where everything flowed in one piece.

The block editor breaks everything up into sections. If you have ever used a pagebuilder, the concept is more or less the same. This is supposed to make the process of creating rich content for your website easy.

Is Gutenberg easy to use when compared to the block editor?

We tried out Gutenberg even before it became mandatory with WordPress 5.0. However, we do have to say that we were not very impressed with the new editor. The block editor adopts the idea of modernizing the WordPress article writing interface without taking into consideration the fact that all that people want to do is write.

Content writers are hardly concerned about the gimmickry. To be fair, the Gutenberg editor does have a number of nice features, including the Cover image. In essence, Gutenberg does allow you to create rich content.

However, it makes the entire process of posting an article to your blog or website so cumbersome that many people have found Gutenberg rather difficult to use. Instead of just allowing writers to write, Gutenberg tries to turn them into artists, which drastically cuts down on their productivity.

Reverting to the Classic Editor

The good news is that should you find the Gutenberg editor cumbersome, you can easily go back to the WordPress Classic editor. This is something that many have been doing. To go back to the classic editor, all that you need to do is go install the Classic Editor plugin on your WordPress website. Once you have activated it, Gutenberg will automatically be disabled.

Which one are you using?

Gutenberg has been around for some time now. Are you still using the new block editor for WordPress? How are you finding it? And if you have reverted to the Classic Editor, would you ever go back to Gutenberg? Which side of the Gutenberg editor vs the Classic Editor. Feel free to leave any comments that you may have in the comments section below. Otherwise have a look at some of our other WordPress related articles.

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