Why Guest Posting is not that Simple

Guest Posting

As a beginner blogger, you will have heard that guest posting is one of the ways through which you can increase your site’s visibility on search engines. The logic behind this is solid enough. Links are an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They are what allow Search Engine bots to crawl across the World Wide Web while indexing content.

What is a Guest Post?

  • A guest post is any article that you write for a site other than your own.

The concept is simple enough to understand. I have, as an example, been producing content for this blog, which I launched two months ago.

However, my rank is still rather dismal on most Search Engines. That is hardly surprising, considering that most experts agree that it takes about six months for a site to begin ranking well.

Domain maturity is a major consideration when it comes to search engine ranking. I did, however, break into the top 100 on some of my keywords a few days ago.

The Importance of Guest Posting

Guest posting allows you to build links that point towards you own web pages. If you are a blogger, you probably hope that someone will randomly link to your content, thus giving it more juice. However, this only usually happens to those who are in the top ten of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). Guest posting is one way through which you can gather backlinks for your site.

My First Attempt at Guest Posting

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The other day, I revived one of my long abandoned blogger blogs and wrote a post linking to this site. I know its something of a black hat tactic, but, what can I say?

In any case, the next day, my rank on the page that I had linked to had jumped about 15 paces.

I use Pro Rank Tracker to keep sight of how my keywords are performing on Search Engines and it, without a doubt, is one of the greatest rank tracking tools that can be found out there. 

A Real Guest Posting Attempt

For my first real guest posting attempt, I thought I would write a great post for one of the blogs that I follow. Unfortunately, I neglected to read their terms and conditions beforehand. It was only once I had written the post that I discovered that my favorite blogger, apparently, does not allow backlinks in guest posts.


This, in my view, is rather strange and can only be the result of having made it and no longer caring about everyone else.

I mean, if I am going to write an 800 word post for your website, I expect to have at list one link that points back to my site!

The funny bit is that I probably have twenty posts that link to the blog that I am talking about! So, no reciprocation there. Oh well….

The Fortunate Bit

Fortunately, there are other guest posting opportunities out there, none of which have dogmatic terms and conditions. I have since dispatched the article to another blog and have high hopes that it will be accepted.


Anyway, this blog post was just a way for me to vent out my frustration. What you need to know, as a beginner blogger, is that guest posting is not an easy task. It involves the creation of networks that may turn out to be useful, not only in terms of generating backlinks for your site, but also for the purposes of linking ups with other bloggers across the globe. In any case, I will keep you updated about my guest posting adventure.

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