Google Pay: Latest Updates 2018

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a mobile payment application for the Android operating system. Until February 20 2018, it was called Android Pay. Google Pay stores credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, etc., and is also a quick and easy way to pay in stores, on websites. Indeed, Google Pay can be used when purchasing almost everything online, including such things as cheap trinkets and cheap essays. Google Pay provides the convenience of online payments, while keeping user data safe.

Google Pay

How does Google Pay Work?

Google Pay (G Pay) is a very easy to use application, with which you can pay for purchases through the terminal without even getting a bank card. The application runs on smartphones that have Android 4.4 and above. The phones however do need to be equipped with  an NFC chip (Near field communication), allowing for contactless communication. After installing the Google Pay app, you can add any number of bank cards to it and use a smartphone to pay at the outlets where the terminals support contactless payment. The overall process works as follows:

How does Google Pay work

  • You add a card to your account and confirm it. To do this, Google blocks a small amount on your account (usually 1 USD).
  • After the successful addition of the card, you simply unlock the smartphone screen and bring it to the terminal that is waiting for payment. The terminal must be compatible with contactless payment, as evidenced by the corresponding icon on the terminal itself. Another distinguishing feature of NFC-terminals is the presence of characteristic four green bulbs above the display.
  • As soon as you carry the phone to the terminal, data will be exchanged between the devices. The Google Pay interface opens and you’ll see information that the payment was successful.
  • If you picked up the phone too quickly, Google Pay will warn you that the operation did not finish, and you need to repeat it again.
  • Information about the transaction will be stored in the application, and also very quickly becomes available in Internet banking.

Currently, Google is working on the Google Pay app for all Google products, so when shopping in Chrome or using Google Assistant, users will have constant control over their cards stored in a Google account.

Google Upgrades G-Pay

Google recently carried out a major upgrade of the Google Pay payment service, significantly expanding its capabilities:

Google wallet merges with Android Pay

  • Google announced that the previously separate Google Wallet and Android Pay applications are now one application, called Google Pay. With the release of the Google Pay application, their own card format has appeared. These cards work only in the Google Pay app, but the app itself can be used from any device running on Android.
  • One of the major changes, which is currently available only to US users, is the ability to make p2p payments, for which it was previously necessary to use a separate application. The functionality of the Google Pay and Google PaySend applications has been merged. With the help of this function, it becomes possible to send and request money between users of the service. However, while this function is valid only for residents of the United States. You can also split the payment for a purchase or an account in a restaurant for several people. Up to five participants are supported.
  • As already mentioned, the Google Pay payment system allows you to pay for purchases using Android-smartphones and tablets equipped with an NFC module. And since May 2018, the service can be used for online purchase through the browser in the operating systems of macOS, Windows 10, iOS and others.
  • Also, after the update, Google Pay has a new place to store your information. The application can now store credit and debit cards, loyalty programs, boarding passes, tickets for concerts, gift cards, and so on. You can manage payment information both through the application and through the web interface. All information is synchronized via Google Account.
  • The application received an updated design and now the new “Home” tab of Google Pay gives you the information you need. Also, now you can see a list of recent purchases, a personalized list of nearby stores that support Google Pay, and you will have the opportunity to receive rewards and useful tips.
  • Similarly, the Google developer blog says that in the near future the payment system will go beyond the devices on the Android operating system. In particular, it will soon be available through the Chrome Internet browser and other software products from the company. With its help, owners of any devices, including those working on Windows and Mac, can pay for Internet purchases without using a bank card.
  • In 2018, Google also updated encryption and security that is available on the G Pay platform, meaning you wont have to worry about the security of your money when using the system.

Google assures that payment through Google Pay is absolutely safe, since all financial data is encrypted and stored on secure servers. In addition, when paying in stores, the seller does not even get your card number. Instead, he sees only the virtual account number that is assigned to each card. In addition to the above, one of the most popular functions of protecting payment information is the screen lock. To install this function on your mobile device, you need to open the “Settings” section, click “Security” and then “Lock Screen”. In the settings, you can choose how long after the device is used to lock automatically. To unlock, you can use a PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint. Every time you pay for a purchase with a smartphone, you will need to unlock the screen.

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