Google AdWords Rebrands to Google Ads

Google has just announced that its online advertising service, Google AdWords, will soon be rebranding to Google Ads. The changes are scheduled to come into effect on 24 July 2018. If you are wondering what’s going to change, then you are not alone. As Google AdWords rebrands to Google Ads, you can expect the following changes;

  1. The website is going to change from to
  2. The logo is also going to change as Google moves from Google AdWords to Google Ads
  3. The URL for support will move from to

The Changes Appear to be Superficial

All in all, the shift from Gooogle AdWords to Google Ads appears to be superficial. That is confirmed in an email that Google has been sending out to people who have active AdWords Accounts.

According to the company, no action will be required from account holders as Google AdWords rebrands into Google Ads. That is great news, and means that other than noticing the changes in the logo, there is really nothing that you are going to have to do as far as your advertising strategy on Google is concerned.

About Advertising on Google

Advertising on Google is something that we have previously written about on this blog. In one of our articles, we mentioned how you can get star ratings on your Google AdWords Ads. That is a useful way through which you can increase the visibility of your ads.

We have also written an article in which we give you tips on running a good Google AdWords campaign. All these tips will still apply as Google AdWords rebrands to Google Ads.

Why Rebrand from Google AdWords to Google Ads

Google does not really say why it is changing AdWords to Google Ads. We suspect it may simply be a matter of becoming more intuitive. Google Ads is more intuitive for Google, just as Facebook Ads is intuitive for Facebook. Other than the brand change, nothing much is going to, as we have already mentioned, really change.

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