Looking for a Good Antivirus? Try Panda Security

Panda Antivirus Review: Your Hunt for a Good Antivirus Ends Here!

If you are looking for a good antivirus, you won’t go wrong with Panda, which comes with protection for Android, Windows and Mac devices.

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If you are on the hunt for a good antivirus, our advise, at Network Bees, is that you should try out Panda Security. Panda is, without a doubt, one of the best antimalware programs that can be found out there.

  • We have previously reviewed a number of the computer protection programs and Panda is among best.
  • Research has shown that it is one of the few antiviruses that are able to protect your computer from 99.9% of the threats that are lurking out there.

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Why You Need Online Protection

The internet is a wonderful place. Over the past decade or so, it has given birth to a revolution in the way in which people interact with one another; both in terms of communication and in terms of commerce. Just consider the fact that every 30 seconds, more $1.2 million’s worth of business takes place online, while over 200 million emails are sent across the World Wide Web every minute.

Online Threats

  • It is not really surprising, therefore, that criminals have found havens across the internet. Cyber criminals are constantly on the prowl, creating viruses and other malicious pieces of software, that are intended at either stealing from unprotected individuals, or disrupting the ways through which people interact with their computers.
  • Check out this article, in which we discuss some of the types of malware that can be found there. Malware, Phishing and other threats are some of the reasons why it is so important for people to protect their computers and, by extension, themselves, while browsing across the World Wide Web.

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Panda Antivirus is one of the Best Antimalware Programs in the world

Panda Security
Panda is the best antimalware in the world

So, what is it that makes Panda such a good antivirus? What sets it apart from all the other antiviruses that are out there?

  1. It’s a Light Weight Cloud Based Security

One of the many things that we like about Panda Security is that it is so lightweight. This comes from the fact that it is cloud based and, therefore, does not hog the resources on your computer.

  • Most of the antimalware programs that are out there have the tendency to slow down computers.
  • This is particularly the case if you run a scan while working on something on your PC. Panda does not have this shortcoming. You wont even notice that it is keeping your computer safe in the background.

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  1. Computer Optimization

  • Another reason why Network Bees recommends Panda Security is the fact that it is not just another run of the mill antivirus or antimalware program.
  • Panda goes beyond the basics, to, using its computer optimization capabilities, help improve your PC’s performance.
  • It does this by cleaning device systems and web browsers, thus enabling you to have an unparalleled internet experience. With Panda, you wont have to look for a computer optimization utility, because optimization and speed come packaged in one product.

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  1. Security Solutions for Individuals and Businesses

Whether you are looking for an antivirus program for your small business, for a large enterprise or for your home, Panda Security has all the solutions that are needed to keep you protected. That is one of the reasons why we believe that Panda is a good antimalware program.  You know, when you deploy it on your computer, that you are getting an industrial grade anti malware program.

  1. An Antivirus for Windows, Mac and Android

Panda works on Mac, Android and Windows Devices

Another thing that makes panda a good antivirus is the fact that it can be deployed on Android, Windows and Mac devices.

  • Once you get Panda, you will never look for another antivirus. This all inclusive approach is really revolutionary, and takes cognisant of the fact that every device that you use to connect to the internet should have antimalware protection.
  • This is a fact that most people tend to neglect, particularly on android devices.
  • Even windows devices are exposed to this potentially costly neglect, with 17 percent of all computers across the world not having antivirus protection, according to research that was carried out in the year 2017.
  • However, the truth is that every one of your devices should have a good antivirus. Otherwise, you risk losing important personal data, such as emails, banking details and the private files that are on your internet connected devices.

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  1. Affordable Protection

So, how much do you think protecting all your devices from the threats that lurk across the internet is worth? How much do you think you should pay to keep cyber criminals away from your banking and other details?

  • The good thing is that with Panda Security, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg in order to get protected. In fact, you can get peace of mind for the whole year beginning at only $27.99 per year. That is really amazing, considering what you will get for the price.
  • Panda Security comes in three different plans, all of which have been optimized to ensure that you have the maximum amount of protection while surfing through the internet;

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Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly Subscriptions Panda

Another great thing about Panda Security is that it is offered on a monthly subscription basis. If that is what you prefer, you can get Advanced Protection for only $2.99/month or Complete Protection for only $6.99/month.


Panda offers cutting edge protection from the threats that are rife across the internet. Wifi Protection comes standard with every plan, while, for the Advanced and Complete plans, you also get Parental Controls, Data protection and backups and a Password Manager. The Complete Plan gets the addition of a Device Tune-up facility and Smart control from your smartwatch. The Advanced and Complete Plans also have the addition of protection for Android and Windows.

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