Finding the Cheapest eBooks on Amazon

The world is obsessed with freebies, right? That is probably the reason why you have landed here, looking for the cheapest ebooks that can be found on Amazon. The good news is that you would probably spend your whole life reading all the free stuff that can be found on the platform and you wont even make a dent. This is something about which many an author have complained about. The determined stingy reader will find so many free books on Amazon that they will really have no reason for buying anything.

How to find free books on Amazon

To find free books on Amazon, simply go to the Amazon website. Once there, simply search for “free… books,” with the … being replaced by your favorite genre. As an example, my favorite genre is Science Fiction. So, when I go to Amazon, I carry out a search for “free science fiction ebooks,” and I get thousands of results.

Why are there free books on Amazon?

You may be wondering why there are so many free books on Amazon. Is it that the authors do not care about making losses while giving away books for free? Well, there are several answers to these questions;

  1. Writers give away free books as a way of promoting themselves. Amazon allows writers who are in the KDP Select program to “sell,” their books for free a couple of days every once in a while. The Kindle Price Promotion can be either in the form of Kindle countdown deal or a Free Book Promotion.
  2. Giving away free books is a great way through which writers get much needed reviews on their books. Reviews are, generally speaking, one of the things that really drive books sales. To qualifty for a Kindle Price Promotion, your book needs to be enrolled in the KDP select program.
  3. Writers also give away free books as a way of enticing readers to purchase other books in a series.

Anyway, that’s how you find the cheapest books on Amazon. The great thing for most people is that there are so many free and $0.99 books on the platform that they never need to buy anything.

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