Fake Light Bulbs: The case against cheap Chinese goods.

Fake light bulbs that explode over one’s head

Just bought a light bulb from my local supermarket. The thing must have been made in China, because it went out with a bang, a few seconds after I had put it in place. The most annoying thing about the whole saga is that the people in the said supermarket actually asked me to test the bulb before taking it home.

What went wrong

In my defense, I actually did the testing. So what then went wrong? Well, what can I say? The thing must have been designed to work for the few seconds that I tested it.

Things from China

Things that are made in China have acquired a reputation in these parts and I usually shy away from them. Ask anyone, and you will be told that they sell really durable shoes out there. Unfortunately, these are only shipped to Europe and the United States.

They also make knock offs of the original products. The shoes, as an example, have a reputed best before of only one or two kilometers. These are then shipped to Africa, where gullible people like me buy them at the same price as the actual products that are sold in the West.

YFL Fake Light Bulb

Anyway, enough of my rant. All that I wanted to do was warn people that the YFL light buld that they sale at Musarurwa Supermarket in Sunningdale, Harare, Zimbabwe is fake and only lasts a few seconds. It then explodes in an amazing mixture of broken glass and hopefully none toxic fumes.

As I am speaking, I have had to cannibalize one of the light bulbs that was on the outside of the house. Otherwise, I would be typing this in the dark. The lights that are on the outside serve as a deterrent for the thieves who would otherwise not be deterred by my two dogs.

It is rather fortunate that today it is raining the proverbial cats and dogs. Otherwise, the thieves would have had a field day today.

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