Facebook Makes Changes to Pixel

What is Facebook Pixel and how does it work?

Just got the letter below from Facebook, which is making a few changes to Pixel. For those that are not in the know, Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that gives advertiser the ability to precisely target their ads for maximum returns. This increases the chances of success for whatever campaign you may be running on Facebook. One way through which Pixel is helpful is by allowing Facebook to “follow,” people who have shown an interest in your products and services around the web. They are then shown relevant ads at convenient times. This is what is usually referred to as remarketing. Facebook Pixel also collects data about performance of your ads. This is then presented to you in your Facebook Ads Manager. Anyway, here is the letter detailing the changes to Facebook Pixel;

Important Facebook Pixel Update

Hi *********,

On October 24, Facebook will begin offering businesses a first-party cookie option with the Facebook pixel. This change is in line with updates made by other online platforms, as use of first-party cookies for ads and site analytics is becoming the preferred approach by some browsers.

Businesses have long relied on cookies to serve ads to relevant audiences and understand visits to their sites. Up until now, Facebook has used its pixel — powered by third-party cookies — for website analytics, ad targeting, and ad measurement. This new option will also help advertisers, publishers, and developers continue to get accurate analytics about traffic to their websites.

Businesses can opt out of first-party cookies by updating their pixel settings in Events Manager.

The controls people have over ads on Facebook in Ads Preferences will not change. Our Business Tools Terms also still require businesses to clearly disclose how they use cookies and share data collected on their sites with third parties, so we recommend businesses review their cookie-related disclosures. To learn more about this update, visit the Help Center.

You are registered as an admin of these Facebook Ad Accounts which have Facebook pixels:

None. You aren’t registered as an admin of a Facebook Ad Account that owns a pixel. Please check any pixels associated with your Business Manager account.


The Facebook Ads Team

That’s it. Hope you find this article informative. If you are looking to turn off reviews on a Facebook Page, then this is how you go about doing it.

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