How to Enable AdSense Matched Content  in WordPress

How to get AdSense Matched Content in WordPress

If you have a website that attracts a fair amount of visitors, then having AdSense ads on your site is something that you should seriously consider. AdSense, in our view, provides you with an effortless way through which you can generate some extra income. Admittedly, you need vast amounts of traffic to start earning a living through AdSense, but even an extra cent is welcome, right?

Worried about the clutter on AdSense?

I have come across website owners out there who steer clear of AdSense and other Ad programs simply because they wish to keep their sites clutter free. If you are one of these people, then more power to you.

You probably have other ways of monetizing you website that make it all worthwhile. However, for most other bloggers, AdSense is the way to go as far as website monetization is concerned. If you already have AdSense ads on your site, then matched content may be something that you have been missing out on. But what is AdSense matched content WordPress and how do you get it on your WordPress website?

What is AdSense Matched Content?

To put it in simple terms, AdSense’s matched content is more or less similar to the “Related Posts,” feature that active on most websites. Indeed, one of the things that you will want to do after you have enabled matched content on your website is disable the related posts feature.

You could keep both, but you would simply be duplicating two features that have the same function. The AdSense Matched Content feature simply looks for related articles on your site and displays them to your visitors. This would be commonplace enough, save for the fact that the AdSense Matched content feature comes with something extra…

You can choose to have AdSense Ads displayed in your Matched content units

This is the thing that makes the AdSense matched content feature worthwhile. On top of displaying related content from your website, AdSense’s matched content units can also be configured to display AdSense ads! That is a great way through which you can boost you AdSense revenue. So, what form of improvement can you expect on your site should you choose to implement the matched content feature?

Benefits of the AdSense Matched Content Feature

The AdSense matched content feature comes with a number of advantages;

  • Your readers get relevant content. This keeps them engaged on your site and helps reduce your bounce rate by getting them to read more of your content.
  • You get increased ad impressions which gives you a boost in terms of advertising revenue. But by how much?
  • Should you choose to implement the Matched Content feature on your WordPress website, you can expect an increase of 9% in terms of views.
  • You can also expect people to spend 10% more time on your website should you choose to implement the AdSense Matched Content feature.
Am I eligible to use AdSense matched content on my website?

To find out whether or not you are eligible for the matched content feature, all that you need to do is the following;

  1. Log into your AdSense account.
  2. Click on the three lines to the top left of your screen and then click on Sites.
  3. If you are not yet eligible for the AdSense Matched content, then you will not have the “Matched content,” option in your Dashboard.
What determines eligibility for AdSense Matched Content?

Eligibility for AdSense Matched content is determined by the number of unique pages on your site and your traffic volumes.

How to Display Matched Content on a WordPress Website

To display Matched content on a WordPress website, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Sign into your AdSense account.
  2. Click on the three lines to the top left of your screen and then click on sites.
  3. Next click on “Matched content.”
  4. You will now see those of your sites on which matched content can be display.
  5. Now click on Ads in your AdSense Menu.
  6. Click on Create new
  7. Next, select “Matched content.”
  8. In the next screen you get a preview of the display of matched content on your website. Give your ad unit a name.
  9. You can make edits to the Ad options, Style and Size of your matched content. On size, it’s better to leave everything as it is.
  10. When done, click on Save and Get Code
  11. Copy the code and implement it in your WordPress Website

Code Implementation in WordPress

This is something on which a lot of people struggle. However, implementing the AdSense Matched content feature in WordPress is simple enough. All that you need to do is have the correct tools. On my WordPress website, I use the Podamibe Simple Footer Widget Area, which comes with a handy SFWA Advertising Widget.

All that I need to do in order to get Matched Content and ads from AdSense is paste the code into the widget. I then place the widget in an appropriate place, in my case, at the bottom of my articles and pages.

That’s it. That’s how you get AdSense matched content on your website. If you are not yet eligible for the display of matched content, then keep working hard on your site. Once you have enough unique content and visitors, AdSense will make the Matched Content feature available for you.

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