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  1. Hahaha!

    What can I say?

    Welcome to my world!

    If it would make you feel better, I had a similar occurrence with a client whose job I’d worked on for almost 6 months!

    During the dispute I filed, I found out, like you did, that Upwork leans favorably toward clients, and so I had to let go.

    However, in my case, the story doesn’t end there.

    After the refund of the funds in escrow, the client sent me a message to apologise. Feeling compelled to help out, because he explained he would have to hire another freelancer to complete the job (I refused to go on, since he was asking for different requirements), and that he is always honest online; I decided to help complete the job.

    Not waiting for him to send another contract offer, I resumed the writing, thinking along the way, he would. Completed it in four days, did some revisions, and till present day, the client did not open the job, or send the funds back. I know the website where the content is.

    The mediation specialist (boo!) also mistakenly sent all of the money attached to the work, including one that already had been approved by Upwork (after the 14 days interval).

    Lost $80, and earned nothing for 6 months work! 🙂

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