D Link Router Default Login Username and Password

Are you looking for the default username and password for your D Link router? If yes, then you have come to the right place. D Link is one of the world’s biggest internet equipment manufacturers. They have a presence the world over. If you have a D-Link router or modem, you may be looking for the default username and password. Please note that D Link has many router models. Therefore, usernames and passwords may be different depending on the model that you have in your home or office. Anyway, the following are the default usernames and passwords for D Link;

d link username and password

D-Link Router Default Login Details

The default username on most D-Link routers is admin. The default password is either admin or is left blank. The table below contains a full list of D Link router default login details. The routers are arranged in alphabetic order, so you should have no difficult finding the model that you have in your home or office.

ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
COVR-3902(No username)(No password)
COVR-C1203(No username)(No password)
DAP-1350admin(No password)
DGL-4100(No username)(No password)
DGL-4300(No username)(No password)
DGL-4500admin(No password)
DGL-5500admin(No password)
DHP-1320admin(No password)
DHP-1565admin(No password)
DI-514admin/user(No password)
DI-524admin(No password)
DI-604admin(No password)
DI-614+admin/user(No password)
DI-624admin(No password)
DI-624Madmin(No password)
DI-624Sadmin(No password)
DI-634Madmin(No password)
DI-634Muser(No password)
DI-701(No username)(No password)
DI-704(No username)admin
DI-704P(No username)admin
DI-704UPadmin(No password)
DI-707(No username)admin
DI-707Padmin(No password)
DI-711admin(No password)
DI-713(No username)(No password)
DI-713P(No username)(No password)
DI-714admin(No password)
DI-714P+admin(No password)
DI-724GUadmin(No password)
DI-724Uadmin(No password)
DI-754admin(No password)
DI-764admin(No password)
DI-774admin(No password)
DI-784admin(No password)
DI-804admin(No password)
DI-804Vadmin(No password)
DI-808HVadmin(No password)
DI-824VUPadmin(No password)
DI-LB604admin(No password)
DIR-130admin(No password)
DIR-330admin(No password)
DIR-412admin(No password)
DIR-450admin(No password)
DIR-451admin(No password)
DIR-501admin(No password)
DIR-505admin(No password)
DIR-505Ladmin(No password)
DIR-506Ladmin(No password)
DIR-510L(No username)(No password)
DIR-515admin(No password)
DIR-600admin(No password)
DIR-600Ladmin(No password)
DIR-601admin(No password)
DIR-605admin(No password)
DIR-605Ladmin(No password)
DIR-615admin(No password)
DIR-625admin(No password)
DIR-626Ladmin(No password)
DIR-628admin(No password)
DIR-635admin(No password)
DIR-636Ladmin(No password)
DIR-645admin(No password)
DIR-651admin(No password)
DIR-655admin(No password)
DIR-657admin(No password)
DIR-660admin(No password)
DIR-665admin(No password)
DIR-685admin(No password)
DIR-808Ladmin(No password)
DIR-810Ladmin(No password)
DIR-813admin(No password)
DIR-815admin(No password)
DIR-817LWadmin(No password)
DIR-817LW/Dadmin(No password)
DIR-818LWadmin(No password)
DIR-820Ladmin(No password)
DIR-822admin(No password)
DIR-825admin(No password)
DIR-826Ladmin(No password)
DIR-827admin(No password)
DIR-830Ladmin(No password)
DIR-835admin(No password)
DIR-836Ladmin(No password)
DIR-842admin(No password)
DIR-850Ladmin(No password)
DIR-855admin(No password)
DIR-855Ladmin(No password)
DIR-857admin(No password)
DIR-859admin(No password)
DIR-860Ladmin(No password)
DIR-865Ladmin(No password)
DIR-866Ladmin(No password)
DIR-867admin(No password)
DIR-868Ladmin(No password)
DIR-878admin(No password)
DIR-879admin(No password)
DIR-880Ladmin(No password)
DIR-882admin(No password)
DIR-885L/Radmin(No password)
DIR-890L/Radmin(No password)
DIR-895L/Radmin(No password)
DIR-1360(No username)(No password)
DIR-1750(No username)(No password)
DIR-1760(No username)(No password)
DIR-1950(No username)(No password)
DIR-1960(No username)(No password)
DIR-2640(No username)(No password)
DIR-2660(No username)(No password)
DIR-2680(No username)(No password)
DIR-3040(No username)(No password)
DIR-3060(No username)(No password)
DIR-L1900(No username)(No password)
DIR-X1560(No username)(No password)
DIR-X4860(No username)(No password)
DIR-X5460(No username)(No password)
EBR-2310admin(No password)
DWL 1000admin(No password)
DWL 2100APadmin(No password)
DWL – 2000APadmin(No password)
DWL 614admin(No password)
DWL -900admin(No password)
DWL-900APadmin(No password)
GO-RT-N300admin(No password)
KR-1admin(No password)
TM-G5240(No username)admin
WBR-1310admin(No password)
WBR-2310admin(No password)

Most common username and password D-Link

You may have noticed a pattern in the above table. The most common username for D Link routers is admin. To be fair, this username is favored by router manufacturers around the globe. So, you will find that the most common username for Huawei routers and modems is also admin.

With regard to the password, the most common password for D Link routers is blank. We are not saying you should type blank or no password. We simply mean that you leave the space for the password empty. Another common password for D Link routers is admin. Again, this is common among router manufacturers.

Why look for a D Link login details?

You landed on this article because you were looking for the username and password for your D Link router. But why would you look for this information? Well, the main reason is that you need the D Link username and password to get into the admin section for your router.

The admin dashboard is where you make various changes. We have previously written on how to change the WiFi password on a D Link router. In order to achieve that goal, you need to get into the admin section. And to get there, you need to be aware of the D link default password and username. Without this information, you will not be able to get in. So, this article is important.

In fact, there are many operations that you can do in your router’s admin section. It’s where you can also change the name of your WiFi network. It’s also where you can play around with the settings to get better connectivity. You can also hide your WiFi network in there. So, it’s important to know your D Link router default username and password.

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