5 Killer Tips for Creating Content that Gets Shared

How to create shareable content

The goal for almost every blogger is to create content that reaches biggest possible audience. This, however, is easier said than done. The world of blogging is rather cutthroat, and it take more than brawn and brains to make it. One of the things that you will discover is that though you may have great content under your belt, not many of your articles will get shared on social media by your readers.  Here are 5 tips for creating content that gets shared;

create shareable content

  1. Write high quality posts

The first thing that you need to do on the path to creating sharable content is write high quality articles. But don’t fool yourself; you may have the best content on the internet, but without getting everything else right, all your efforts will get lost in the jungle that is the world of blogging.

This is something that we are always stressing to new bloggers. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization and having your content reach the highest number of readers, time is your greatest enemy. Stay long enough in the game (3 or more years) and you will begin to reap the rewards. Otherwise you risk falling by the wayside, like so many others across the globe.

most blogs end up being abandoned

Now, having poured cold water on your glory flame, it’s worth pointing out that nobody is going to want to share archaic content. Okay, you may be so bad that people will want to share your content for laughs, but that is hardly the kind of fame that you should be looking for.

  1. Create content that is relevant

If you have been blogging for any given amount of time, you will realize that yours is a rather thankless task. Thankless; unless of course you are one of those insanely successful bloggers who are always posting their earnings online.

Now, back to the topic of creating sharable content, your articles clearly need to be relevant to your target audience. Otherwise nobody is going to want to share them with their peers. Let’s assume for a moment that you live in Venezuela and the internet has placed restrictions on social media networks.

An example of a relevant article that people will want to share would then be one that shows them how to install a VPN on their devices. Once one person has installed a VPN on their phone or computer and has regained access to Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook, they will want to share the tips that you have provided with their colleagues.

  1. Be original

Okay, with so many blog posts being published across the glove on a daily basis, it can be hard to be original. However, originality is just what you need should you hope to create sharable content.

The good news is that no matter how exhausted a topic may be, there will always be a new way of looking at it.

We could say a lot about finding a niche for yourself here. However, that is actually a very clichéd assertion. Niches do, of course, exists but they are far and in between. And the reason why so many people congregate on one aspect of life is because that is probably where the money is.

You should, nevertheless, strive to give new meaning to existing topics and situations. Doing this ensures that people will want to share your content with their peers.

  1. Come up with a Killer Headline

We have actually found that some of the most popular topics on this blog have “killer,” in them. It gets you wondering what it is about killing that people find so interesting. It’s important for you, in any case, to make sure that your articles have eye catching headlines.

fake news usually has eye catching headlines

The average person in today’s world is notoriously fickle. He or she does not have the time to stop for something unless it is extremely interesting. Your topic is the first port of call as far as your articles are concerned. You should put extra effort into them to ensure that not only will people want to click on them, but they will also want to share them with their friends.

This is where the phenomenon of fake news really comes into its element. The creators of fake news know how to really capture an audience using eye popping and incredible headings.

  1. Create lighthearted interactive content

The biggest mistake that you can make as a blogger is to create content that is stiff and serious. Blogging is supposed to be light-hearted, even when talking about serious issues. There is really no need for you to write using a stiff tone.

Interactivity can actually be build into your website. Instead of having people read a rather long article, why not stop them somewhere in the middle and have them take a survey or watch a short clip.

Give them a moment to think and they will likely want to share your content with their peers. Give them quizzes and reward them in some way for the time that they put into answering them. Anyway, hope you found these tips for creating content that gets shared useful. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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