What is Content Marketing?

When it comes to the world of buying and selling, there is marketing and then there is content marketing. Confused already? Well, you need not be. The line between the two can be rather tenuous. It is, however, easily defined, in most instances.

Content Marketing Definition

Content Marketing can be defined as the consistent production and distribution of content that is of value to your target audience and that acts as a magnet, drawing them towards your products and services in as subtle a way as is possible.

But what does this all mean?

We mention in the above definition that content marketing is all about producing and distributing content. Not only that, but whatever it is that you are of producing has to be of value to your target audience. That is the only way through which it can attract people to your products and services.

The subtle

This is something that separates content marketing from other forms of marketing. Instead of shouting that you wish to have people buy your product a, b, or c, you, instead provide them with something of value that serves as an attraction.

Tell them a story, show them a video or give them a blog post and you will have a natural flow of traffic towards your business. You can definitely mention your brand, but do it is as subtle a way as is possible.

Content Marketing Examples

Here are a few examples of content marketing;

  • Blog Posts: This very blog is a good example of what we are talking about here. Consider that we would like people to visit our website. Now, how are we going to do so? We may take the traditional marketing avenue, and flight adverts extolling the virtues of our blog. Or, we can, and this is what we are doing even with this post, come up with well written articles that are designed to provide value to the kind of audience that we are targeting. Through Search Engine Optimization and other strategies, this post will serve to attract a natural flow of people to our blog.
  • Videos: Videos have, over the past few years, really come into their element as far as content marketing is concerned. Again, the goal is that of attracting people through the provision of value. This is not just limited to educational material, but can also include videos that are purely of entertainment value. In fact, this last type of video has a far greater chance of succeeding in drawing people to your products and services. YouTube is a great example of a platform on which you can pursue your content marketing strategy. If you browse across this blog, you will discover that we have a YouTube channel, that we use to further clarify the information that’s in our blog posts for the benefit of our readers. And herein lies the trick; content marketing is first and foremost, about providing value to people for free. This is what attracts them to your brand. The video below is on our channel, and shows you how to use Page Speed Insights to measure the performances of your website.
  • Podcasts: Content Marketing through podcasts has been gaining popularity over the past few years. A Podcast is basically a downloadable digital audio file that you put on your website or blog. Again, the effectiveness lies in the provision of free value. They are usually offered as episodes, allowing you to keep your audience engaged for as long as is possible.
  • Infographics: These have also been gaining in popularity over the past few years. The presentation of information as graphs, images, statistics and charts draws on the fact that human beings are, by nature, visual animals.
  • Books: Go to some of the most popular websites that are out there and you will discover that most offer free eBooks that are designed to serve as a draw to people. The caveat is that one has to sign up before accessing the free book or other materials. This is one way through which you can build a great mailing list for your company.

How Business can Benefit from Content Marketing

Content marketing is something that businesses, including leading brands, have embraced as a way of generating leads and conversions. There are a number of ways through which your business can benefit in this regard;

Increased Visibility

How can businesses boost their visibility in today’s world? The business world has become pretty much overcrowded and content marketing gives you an additional way through which you can reach out to your prospects. Note that we are not advocating for the discarding of traditional ways of marketing. Indeed, content marketing should be used alongside the more traditional marketing models.

More Sales

Greater visibility on the market usually translates into more sales. Content Marketing is, therefore, a great way through which you can boost your profit margins without breaking the bank.

Content Marketing is Cheaper

The great thing about content marketing is that it is cheaper than the traditional modes of marketing. There is a certain informality about producing content for a blog, a podcast and for YouTube that makes the whole venture both cost effective and appealing.


To be fair, content is something that has always been there in marketing. Today, content marketing is at the heart of almost everything that has to do with marketing. Social Media marketing thrives on content. Keeping your readers engaged is something that you can only achieve through the provision of well researched, well produced content.

Great content is also important for SEO purposes. What most people do not realize is that Search Engines, such as Google and Yahoo, reward well written content with higher rankings. Consistently producing high quality work is, therefore, a good way through which you can increase your visibility on the market. Content is at the center of every inbound marketing strategy. It provides the pull factor that gets people to look at your website and not that of your competitor.

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