Consumer Prices Beginning to fall in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Economy Stabilizing

Have just been to the supermarket and, although consumer prices in Zimbabwe are still shockingly high, I did notice a downward trend. There was a time, not so long ago, when it appeared as if the new dispensation was becoming overwhelmed by increases in prices across the board.

Even the black market price of the United States dollar was, during this period, on an upward trajectory that had many predicting that it would reach the one as to two ratio within a couple of months.

Things have since settled down, with a hundred US Dollars buying you about 140 virtual dollars on the black market. This, perhaps, has been contributory towards the stabilization of consumer prices in Zimbabwe.

Here are a few of the prices that are currently obtaining at okay supermarket;

ItemCurrent Price in $Previous Price
Probrands Masi 500ML0.590.60
Tomatoes1.30All over the place
Rabroy Salad Cream2.50Can't remember
Farmgold Jam1.75Can't remember
Ricoffy 100G Tin1.892.50
Hulletts Brown Sugar1.95Unchanged
Red Seal Self Raising Floor1.892.50
G V Baked Beans0.993.00 (not the same brand)
Bakers Inn Bread1.00Unchanged
Ideal White Rice 2KG2.393.50
Sable Mixed Chicken Cuts 2KG6.99$9.00 (Other brands)
Colgate 100 ML1.49Unchanged
Geisha Bath Soap0.95Unchanged
Vaseline 250 ML2.49Unchanged
Pain Eeze Tabletts$1.60Unchanged

Changes Uneven

You will notice that the changes that have occurred have been pretty much uneven. While the prices of some goods have gone up, others have remained stagnant. The price of a bar of Geisha Bath soap, as an example, has largely remained the same while that of Rice has been oscillating all over the place.

Thankfully, a box of pain killers still costs about the same, which should be a relief to those who are looking to quieten the headache of trying to balance incomes within the prevailing environment.


Note that this survey is unscientific, since I am too lazy to actually go out and check what the actual prices previously were. If you know what has changed by how much, please fee free to inform me. Thanks in advance. A couple of days ago, I warned people about the blight of fake light bulbs across the country.

You can read that article for more information on that. Today I almost bought the wrong type. Not many households in Zimbabwe use the screw type light bulbs and I didn’t notice that I had picked one till the till operator brought it to my attention.

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