Chitika and Payoneer: Could it really Happen?

Chitika and Payoneer: Could it happen?

When I first wrote this article about Chitika and Payoneer, it was largely speculative. However, that speculation has turned out to be true. Chitika has moved away from PayPal and is now paying out publishers using Payoneer. You can read about how Chitika has abandoned PayPal by following the provided link.

Chitika and Payoneer: It has finally happened!

I recently produced an article in which I speculated about Chitika and its available payment options. I asked whether or not Chitika is moving towards Payoneer.  On the back of the surprisingly high level of interest that the article generated, I though it prudent to give my readers an update. Chitika and Payoneer is apparently a story of interest, which makes this update necessary.

Continued Migration

I have since noticed new information on the Chitika Payment settings page. Chitika mentions that it continues to migrate to the new system. When it is done, publishers will be able to choose the new option as their preferred payment methods.

Is Chitika Moving Towards Payoneer

Chitika and Payoneer
Is Chitika Moving towards Payoneer?

The big question is, is Chitika moving away from PayPal and towards Payoneer? I, obviously, have a clear bias towards Payoneer. PayPal is not available in my country, which makes trying to generate an online living something of a hit and miss affair. So many of the companies that are out there will only accept PayPal.

A little bit about Chitika

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Stay Tuned

In any case, those of our readers who are interested in this story should stay tuned. We will inform you as soon as Chitika reveals the new payment method with which it is working. Chitika and Payoneer would definitely make a great combination and publishers in countries where PayPal is not accessible have reason to look forward to this development. In the meantime, those who have not yet done so can sign up for this great website monetization program by clicking on the banner that is at the end of this article.

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