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Shared vs Dedicated vs VPS Hosting

Shared dedicated and VSP Hosting
Difference between Shared, dedicated and VPS hosting Wondering what the difference is between shared, dedicated and VPS hosting? Read on to find out more; One of the major challenges for people who are just starting out with their websites or…

Reasons for Having a Dedicated Server

reasons for having a dedicated server
Advantages of having a dedicated server If your business is growing, I believe that you will agree that it’s about time you made a website for it. Choosing a suitable web hosting provider and the appropriate type of hosting will…

How Much Does a Domain name Cost?

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost
Domain Name Costs The question, “how much does a domain name cost,” is one that elicits a wide range of responses. Domains are, without a doubt, an important first step in every Web Hosting adventure. I have previously written an…

iPage Review Web Hosting Review

iPage website builder simplifies web hosting for beginners
Quickly and Easily Build your Website with iPage Looking for a web host that comes with a website builder? Read on to find out why iPage is the best.  For better or for worse, price is one of the biggest…